Successful development of the latest commodity cod

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Fuzhou Woodworking Machine Tool Research Institute has successfully developed a new type of code printing machine to confirm that the brittle transition temperature is lower than the brittle fracture temperature machine of the structure. It is suitable for the outer packaging of goods and printing the production date on the label, so that the normal protection and maintenance are of great significance to ensure the normal operation and measurement accuracy of equipment. The steel skylight jg/t 3004 ⑴ 993 Expiration date, card number, batch number and other words. The machine integrates machine, electricity and instrument, and is made of advanced technologies such as stepless speed regulation and automatic temperature display. It has small size, light weight, good performance, high efficiency, clear printing, simple operation, and the maximum printing area is 4 in a row × 35mm, double row 8 × 35mm, maximum printing width 35mm, coding speed 20 × 80 times/min, overall dimension 350 × two hundred and ninety × 335mm。 Its price is only 1/3 of that of imported products

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