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Successful development of water-based coated food oil proof paper

[China Packaging News] a newly developed water-based polymer coated food oil proof paper is used in KFC's newly launched crawfish series fast food

in order to avoid being cheated

this industry-leading food packaging paper is jointly developed by Qingdao Rongxin industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and German chemical giant BASF. Qingdao Rongxin has successfully developed this new packaging material by relying on its own accumulation in sheet coating technology in thin paper and in such cases, and using the water-based polymer material developed by BASF

the water-based coated oil-proof food packaging paper has excellent waterproof and oil-proof performance, and can replace the fluorine-containing oil-proof paper, PE coated paper and waxed paper in the current market. Water based coated oil proof paper does not contain risk substances such as PFOA, PFOS and mineral oil, nor can it be directly recycled like coated paper and waxed paper

water based coated paper also has good vapor permeability, which is more suitable for packaging hot food and is conducive to improving consumer experience

water based coated oil proof paper is safer and more environmentally friendly, and is a revolutionary product that conforms to the trend of sustainable development

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