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Successful development of waste aluminum-plastic separation technology

Henan Shenqiu science and Technology Association High Tech Research Institute recently developed and adopted the button mode to produce waste aluminum-plastic packaging recycling technology, so that the waste aluminum-plastic packaging that is not easy to recycle can not only separate plastic, but also produce aluminum

aluminum plastic composite packaging is widely used in food factories, pharmaceutical factories and other industries. And the consumption is increasing year by year, and its waste materials and leftover materials are also increasing. Because aluminum and plastic stick together, it can not be used to refine aluminum, nor can it be used to produce recycled plastics. It can only be discarded and burned, which not only pollutes the environment but also wastes resources. After hundreds of tests, the Institute of high and new technology of Shenqiu Association for science and technology has successfully separated aluminum and plastic by using simple equipment and "secondary chemical reaction method". It can separate 0.85 tons of recycled plastic and gb/t 3098.5 ⑵ 000 fasteners from each ton of waste aluminum and plastic. The mechanical properties of self tapping screws are 0.1 tons of waste aluminum, and the economic and social benefits are very obvious

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