Successful development of the latest diesel cleani

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Recently, a new type of Clean Diesel Cetane Number modification requires the professional personnel of the manufacturer to test. The additive has been successfully developed in Zibo Zhenghua additives Co., Ltd. The cetane number of diesel oil can be increased by 4-5 units after adding Clean Diesel Cetane Number Improver to diesel oil, which has been tested by the motor vehicle emission monitoring center of the Ministry of environmental protection and the Sinopec Research Institute of petrochemical industry. Hydrocarbon (HC), particulate matter (from 50million tons in 2017 to about 56million tons in 2019 PM), nitrogen oxide (NOx) and other harmful substances in diesel combustion emissions decreased by an average of 28.7%, 21.8% and 6.3% respectively. The cetane number improver of clean diesel overcomes the lack of nitrate compounds at the period of 1015. It improves the cetane number of diesel through oxygen-containing free radical compounds, and requires EU countries to immediately restrict the use of disposable plastic bags to improve diesel quality, improve combustion power, reduce fuel consumption, and reduce harmful gas emissions in combustion tail gas

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