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Sany scc2600a crawler crane helps the construction of the chemical industry

Sany scc2600a crawler crane helps the construction of the chemical industry

20 build a safety and health assurance system focusing on 'raw and auxiliary material procurement - raw material account management - injection molding link risk control - factory safety and health control'. China Construction machinery information

recently, after 45 minutes of intense operation, the silo was accurately in place, and a burst of warm applause broke out on the scene, This is the hoisting site of Luxi industrial polycarbonate PC sheet silo in Liaocheng, Shandong Province. For this hoisting, Luxi Chemical leaders said that the previously rented crawler crane was inefficient and affected the construction progress. Since the 260 ton crawler crane purchased from Sany, the hoisting operation efficiency was high and the equipment was safe and reliable

Sany scc2600, including biomedical a crawler crane, is one of the top ten star products of the group. The silent conveyor has beautiful appearance, reasonable layout and superior performance. It has many advantages, such as strong lifting capacity, high control accuracy, small transportation size, short disassembly and assembly time, simple, convenient and accurate operation. These advantages have been perfectly reflected in the hoisting of polycarbonate PC sheet silo

after the on-site operator accurately positioned the silo, he happily told Sany staff: "Sany's equipment is different. It not only has a good vision, but also drives very smoothly. Just like his own hands and feet, it can lift things wherever he wants, which is very easy to operate."

seeing scc2600a hoist the silos in place smoothly and accurately, Chen long, an employee of Sany, was overjoyed. He told everyone that scc2600a crawler crane and Luxi Chemical can "match each other and get married". In addition to him, he will jointly promote the deeds of 2019 to achieve endogenous accelerated growth. The scc2600a project team of Sany equipment research institute has also paid hard work

when I first took over this project, after a brief exchange with the hoisting personnel in charge of Luxi Chemical project, the marketing personnel sent the relevant dimensions of the silo and the site conditions back to the project team of Sany equipment research institute. After receiving the relevant data, the R & D Engineer immediately carried out the accounting. Due to the special situation of the construction site, the scheme design is difficult

finally, a detailed lifting plan including the position of each bunker crane and the distance from the frame size was handed over to Luxi Chemical Industry. Luxi Chemical industry leaders were very satisfied. They believed that Sany equipment was not only an enterprise producing and selling crawler cranes, but also a "nanny" who tailored the lifting plan for customers, provided on-site guidance for customers, and provided service guarantee for customers' smooth lifting

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