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Sany science and technology festival Xiang Wenbo: promote intelligent transformation and build a greater enterprise

Sany science and technology festival Xiang Wenbo: promote intelligent transformation and build a greater enterprise

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it is difficult for Xiang Wenbo to produce advanced products. Speech at Sany science and technology festival

from April 17 to 18, the science and technology festival belonging to all Sany R & D personnel arrived as scheduled. On the first day, Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, delivered the 2018 science and technology work report of Sany group. The report reviewed the progress of the group's scientific and technological work in the previous year and pointed out that "Sany will promote the transformation to intelligent manufacturing and big data, and jointly build a 'greater enterprise'."

the initial achievement, competitiveness and brand return

on the same day, President Xiang Wenbo extended holiday greetings to all Sany science and technology people, and said, "this Sany science and Technology Festival is not just a simple return, but the return of our entire competitiveness and brand." He said that after industry adjustment, Sany is stronger. In terms of research and development, the competitiveness and position of leading products have been further consolidated and improved

last year was the best year for Sany. The domestic market share of excavators has reached about 23%, ranking first in China for eight consecutive years. The first position of concrete machinery in the world has been consolidated and has an absolute leading edge. The market share of cranes continues to increase, and the market competitiveness of port equipment, energy equipment and other equipment is stronger

Xiang Wenbo believes that Sany has done many things right in the past, and the most correct thing to do is to adhere to R & D and innovation for a long time. R & D reform is the need of the new era and the new Sany development. Since the launch of R & D reform in 2017, Sany has stimulated R & D vitality, improved R & D efficiency, and initially achieved results in capacity-building

improve cognition, create seven cores, expand the utilization competitiveness of 3D printing technology in medical diagnosis, rapid manufacturing, precision casting and other fields

when talking about the future research and development strategy, Xiang Wenbo hopes to build seven core capabilities, "product definition capability, digital research and development capability, experimental simulation capability, process manufacturing core capability, open innovation capability, research and development management capability, and research and development team competitiveness"

cognitive ability is the focus of Xiang Wenbo's repeated emphasis. He requires the majority of Sany R & D personnel to improve their cognition, accurately grasp the real connotation of "intelligence, unmanned, and electrification", especially to have a deep understanding of the needs of customers. "Sany achieved a market value of 100 billion from entrepreneurship, which is based on the high attention to customer needs." He said, "technology is easy to obtain, but only a real understanding and insight into the core needs of customers is the core ability of Sany."

attach importance to technology and build it into the third largest competitiveness; Attach importance to experiments and lead innovation in scientific verification; External openness and internal sharing make top talents work for me; Introduce new tools and launch new projects to make the R & D business basic; Scientific management, attention to property rights, and a more standard system will soon be established

in addition, Sany will also launch a series of policies to introduce, cultivate and motivate talents, so as to build Sany into a depression of adult talents and build the competitiveness of R & D teams

the future research and development picture was regularly insisted on whether the screws in various parts were stable. Xiang Wenbo described them one by one, which resonated with the participants, and was full of longing for the future, which made the scene burst into endless applause

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