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Sany road machinery participated in the construction of the ring road with the highest altitude. In April and may, the weather began to warm, and various road construction on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau gradually started. Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, is located in the middle of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, with an altitude of 3650 meters. It is one of the cities with the highest altitude in the world. The Third Ring Road under construction is a national key project declared by the Tibet Autonomous Region and is known as the highest altitude Ring Road in China

Sany road roller participates in the construction of the ring road with the highest altitude

Sany's latest ssp220c-6 paver and large tonnage ssr330c-6 single steel wheel roller both participate in the water stable paving and rolling of Lhasa's Third Ring Road. Each time, the paving width of the paver is 8m and the paving thickness is 40cm, and then it is rolled by a 33 ton single steel wheel roller. The paving effect has been highly praised by customers and owners

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in the first week of work after the Spring Festival this year, when the temperature in Lhasa was still zero, the customer came to Sany Sichuan 6S Center for investigation and couldn't wait to order two ssp220c-6 straight plate pavers at one time to ensure that they arrived before the start of construction. The customer has been working in Tibet for many years. He learned that this paver uses Sany engine and starts well. It can completely overcome the problem of starting equipment in high-altitude areas. It also promotes the structural reform of the supply side and decides to buy it immediately

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in the actual construction, Sany paver really didn't disappoint customers. Good quality won a good reputation, and good reputation also brought more business to customers. In April, with the commencement of more projects, but their prices are also high, the leasing and allocation of pavement equipment are very tight. Customers will start a Sany ssp90c-6 telescopic machine and an ssp100c-6 straight plate machine in March and April. With the successful experience of the first cooperation and good use experience, the customer's two purchase decisions are both decisive and reassuring

Sany paver

the performance of the equipment, especially the smooth start-up, is a test that must be faced when the results of the operation test in high altitude areas will also be inaccurate. Sany has also carried out many years of exploration in this regard, and finally won the recognition of customers with reliable quality. In the past two years, with the accelerated pace of development and construction in Tibet, more and more Sany equipment will appear on the snow covered plateau

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