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Sany service rookie Zhou Jie

Guide: the same smile, we are more sincere, the same service, we are more meticulous, and the same quality, we are more reliable. This sentence comes from Jay Chou, the service engineer of Sany excavator, which is also the principle he has always adhered to in his three-year service career. When he first arrived at the company, Jay Chou was just over 20 years old. He was a scholar

"it's the same smile that makes us more sincere, the same service that makes us more meticulous, and the same quality that makes us more reliable." This sentence comes from Jay Chou, the service engineer of Sany excavator, which is also the principle he has always adhered to in his three-year service career

when he first arrived at the company, Jay Chou had just turned 20, and he was very bookish. When he first came into contact with work, Zhou Jie couldn't hide his love for service work and took the lead in everything. "Master" fan Gong is very fond of this little apprentice. "He is willing to work hard and sweat, diligent and studious, and is a good material for service." As fan Gong expected, less than a year after joining the company, Zhou Jie's working ability has improved by leaps and bounds

the understanding of the control system of the testing machine coincided with the establishment of the new service station of Linyi Juxian office, and Zhou Jie was transferred to the new station to preside over the service work. Soon, under the leadership of Zhou Jie, the service work of the site was carried out vividly, and won the first place in regional service at one fell swoop

"there is no secret to good service. Our achievements are all earned with sweat and technology." Zhou Jie said. In the rainy season of 2011, the excavator of the customer Bao Fengqiang was quarrying in the mountains. Due to the heavy rain, the excavator was trapped in the big pit of Quarrying and was flooded. At 5 a.m., when Zhou Jie arrived with two service personnel in the rain, the customer was surprised and happy. "It was still raining heavily at that time, and the mountain road was steep and slippery. It was really unexpected to come early in the morning." Bao Fengqiang recalled the scene at that time and still sighed. "Only Sany can make it in such a short time."

under the command of Zhou Jie, another excavator was transferred to dig out the drain and drain the rainwater in the pit. I was busy until two o'clock in the afternoon, but only half of the water was drained. In order to confirm that the equipment is normal and does not affect the construction of the customer, Zhou Jie took off his coat, jumped into the water, swam to the side of the machine and tested it. Most of his body was submerged in the water, and Zhou Jie didn't realize it. After more than an hour of testing, it was found that the GPS and throttle motor of the excavator had been damaged. Zhou Jie decided to act separately. One of the service staff rushed back to the headquarters to get the GPS. He and another service staff found a pump to speed up the drainage

that night, Zhou Jie slept on the hill with local workers, guarding the machine. Until the next day at noon, the water was drained and everything was ready, Zhou Jie and two other service personnel would finish the post protection together, which would also cause a large cost, which became the maintenance of the equipment, and successfully drove the machine out of the mud pit

Zhou Jie is not only dedicated, but also famous for his studiousness. A sy215 in Juxian County once had no action, which made Zhou Jie helpless at that time. Although the technical personnel supported by the backup finally repaired the largest proportion of vialumin door and window products, it has become a worry for Zhou Jie. "Only excellent technology can truly benefit more customers." Realizing this, Zhou Jie resolutely resigned as the manager of Ju county office and returned to the overhaul plant to become an ordinary service staff. "Here, I can concentrate on learning more skills."

now, as an ordinary repairman in the overhaul plant, Zhou Jie repairs equipment during the day, reads materials and learns technology at night. "Help others and enjoy yourself" is Zhou Jie's Creed. He is also an old member of Linyi Volunteer Association. Every weekend, he takes the initiative to participate in various voluntary activities organized by the volunteer association

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