The hottest Sany red lights up the Inner Mongolia

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Sany red lights up the Inner Mongolia prairie

Guide: on this vibrant spring day, the vast Inner Mongolia prairie welcomes not the unique scenery of cattle and sheep in the wind, but the stunning picture of a little red in the 10000 green bushes. On March 26, Sany Heavy Industry led his Red Army to the north, and the e-generation Tianjiao Sany Heavy Industry Brand day activity

on this vibrant spring day, the vast Inner Mongolia prairie welcomes not the unique scenery of "cattle and sheep are seen low in the wind and grass", but the amazing picture of "a little red in the green". On March 26, Sany Heavy Industry led his Red Army to the north. The "e-generation Tianjiao · Sany Heavy Industry Brand day" activity sang the heroism of "trying to compete with the Lord" on this vast grassland. On the same day, the small venue welcomed more than 700 relevant industry leaders, customers and media. The whole venue was full of laughter and excitement

Inner Mongolia spans the "Three North" and has a vast territory. The bright red of Sany also shines in every green wave in Inner Mongolia. Key projects such as Inner Mongolia International Convention and Exhibition Center, Inner Mongolia Museum (New Museum), Inner Mongolia International Hotel, Hohhot Baita International Airport, Hohhot new railway station, etc. all have Sany pumping equipment in red

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Inner Mongolia Sany mengxiang Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. is the depictor of this beautiful scene, and its sales have increased steadily year by year in their ambition and struggle. In 2010, the sales increased by 300% year-on-year. There are three common problems with the relative market share: an increase of 34 percentage points on the basis of 2009, which is to win the title of the company's best dealer at one fell swoop. Among the top ten marketing pacesetters, the colleagues in Inner Mongolia also won three seats. As an outstanding personal representative, Yao Li won the third prize alone, becoming the company's No. 1 in pump truck sales, No. 1 in mixing plant sales, and No. 1 in mixer truck sales. These honors of Inner Mongolia show its leading market position

at present, the sales volume of long boom pump trucks over 56 meters in Inner Mongolia is more than 50, which is the largest in all regions. Fujunwu, the relevant person in charge of Inner Mongolia company, said that it was the supreme quality of Sany that made them achieve such achievements, because the 72m concrete pump truck with the world's longest boom came from Sany. Although "it is difficult to reach the sky every meter of boom growth", Sany has rewritten miracles again and again with his almost "paranoid" pursuit of innovation

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the person in charge of Hohhot 777 hoisting company who purchased a 62 meter pump truck at the exhibition tour said: "Sany's products have always been my trust and support, according to the organizer Reed Exhibitions Japan. Especially after the outbreak of the nuclear crisis in Japan, Japan, as a country with a fairly developed machinery industry, resolutely offered Sany to buy a 62 meter pump truck, which shows that Sany has become famous all over the world. And sany's timely rescue behavior makes me feel the spirit of great love of an enterprise."

Sany people have made amazing breakthroughs again and again just by adhering to the mission of "quality changes the world". That delicate red is the solemn commitment of Sany to customers for the convenience of disassembly; The impressive result is the perfect answer given by SANY. A single spark can start a prairie fire, and sany red will also burn the entire inner Mongolia prairie

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