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Sany rotary drilling rigs fight for the "the Belt and Road" Bangladesh take the big order

Sany rotary drilling rigs fight for the "the Belt and Road" Bangladesh take the big order

20 on the basis of focusing on the convergence and development of the above industrial clusters, China Construction machinery information

recently, Beijing Sany Heavy Industry signed an order for six Sany C10 series sr220c rotary drilling rigs with a state-owned enterprise. It is understood that this batch of equipment will go abroad for construction in Bangladesh, This also set a record for the largest number of single overseas orders for Sany rotary drilling rigs. At present, this batch of equipment is actively packed and sent to the customer's construction site

this year, the customer won the bid for a power plant project in Bangladesh, which is a key project of the the Belt and Road. The project owner and the construction party attach great importance to it, and the standard of selecting equipment is high. It is understood that the brands participating in the procurement bidding cover almost all domestic mainstream brands, and Beijing Sany Heavy Industry finally won with its brand popularity and good overseas service system

it is understood that the client is a comprehensive survey enterprise integrating survey, surveying and mapping, design and construction. There are countless pile foundation construction projects in China, including some large projects with hundreds of millions of yuan. In recent years, the company has developed rapidly. In 2014, it began to go abroad for construction, and there is a large demand for rotary drilling rigs

the company has been cooperating with Sany for more than seven or eight years. Each time the sensor is calibrated again after purchase, the rotary drilling rig takes Sany brand as the first choice. For this bidding, Wang haotao, a sales representative of Beijing Sany Heavy Industry Hebei, said, "Sany's price is not dominant, but the customer finally chose us." Product quality and overseas service system are the key factors for the final victory of Sany

for the re cooperation with Sany, President Liu, who is responsible for equipment procurement of the company, is full of expectations: "Sany rotary drilling rig has a fast technical upgrading speed. This year, the newly released C10 series has made ten technical improvements, which can well meet the requirements of overseas complex geological construction." He believes that, especially in this large-scale project of great significance, we must be cautious when selecting equipment for the recovery of the international market, excluding detergents, disinfectants and water supply and transmission facilities. As a business card made in China, Sany has global brand influence and is an important guarantee for the company to go further on the grand blueprint of the the Belt and Road

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