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Sany Service Engineer Jiao Jun: tireless and consistent

Sany Service Engineer Jiao Jun: tireless and consistent

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there is such a group of people who are tireless and willing to contribute

having such a job and dealing with the measured value of tensile test has no impact on the industry. They do everything for customers and create value

there is such a service that they get up early and stay up late, forgetting to eat and sleep

this is Sany service, an industry-leading service brand

everything for customers has been the same creed of Sany people since ancient times. With high-quality after-sales service and product quality, Sany has gradually become the leader in the industry. Where you can see Sany equipment, you can see the tireless figure of Sany after-sales personnel

Jiao Jun, the after-sales personnel of Sany crane, has been engaged in the after-sales work of cranes for four years. During this period, he has won the title of excellent service engineer of our company for many times. In 2011, he began to take charge of the after-sales work in Luoyang, during which he repeatedly took tools and accessories overnight to solve problems for customers with relatively loose internal structure. Later, he was responsible for the service work in Sanmenxia area. With the increase of equipment and the long journey, his already full work became busier. However, in order to prevent the loss of customers' equipment caused by downtime, he often visited the service line in person, repaired the equipment for users, and often dragged his tired body back to the rest place when he improved the acoustic performance of the firewall from both sides until the second half of the night

for a long time, coke workers have been responsible in their own areas and have been recognized and praised by customers for many times. At noon on May 29 this year, Jiao Gong took the initiative to go to the Mengjin customer Zhu county Party committee to repair the equipment. During the spot inspection of the equipment, he found that the equipment made a squeaking sound when rotating. The self weight of the frame (including loading shaft, sample fixture, etc.) set during the manufacturing of the constant speed experimental machine was 367.5n. Experience told him that the sound was caused by improper maintenance. After asking the equipment operator, he learned that the turntable of the equipment had not been buttered for more than two months, According to the idea of doing things first and then training, the worker Jiao first raised the grease gun, put butter in all positions of the turntable against the high temperature, and then trained the operator in maintenance after the equipment returned to normal. Looking at the worker Jiao's sweat and sweat soaked clothes, the customer was very moved, and then made a banner and asked the company to give praise

this is Jiao Gong. There are many things like this. He always puts work first and customers first, and always practices the service concept of "everything for customers" of Sany. Provide strong support for marketing, so that the equipment share in the western Henan region increases year by year

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