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Agfa's first dotrix using agorix low transfer ink settled in Australia

Agfa printing recently announced that the Australian Le MAC group, a packaging and printing enterprise focusing on flexible packaging and bottle labels, has recently installed Agfa: dotrix modular digital UV inkjet printer. Le MAC group, founded in 1983, purchased dotrix modular earlier. What Le MAC needs is a solution that can help them meet the diversified needs of printing buyers for short edition

we started UV flexo printing in 1998, but the printing volume decreased year by year. The original work of 30000 meters is now less than 10000 meters. Printing buyers and brands often need small-scale short edition printing, and often need to make some small changes to meet the needs of special promotional activities, and the delivery time is getting shorter and shorter. Ken Fletcher, general manager of Le MAC R & D

le Mac's customers are very famous brands, such as Coca Cola, Unilever and Diageo group. They need the highest quality, most attractive and most functional packaging. Of course, the price should be the most reasonable. It is challenging to keep up with the demand of the high-end market, but Fletcher has been studying digital printing technology for some time. The change-over switch should be turned to the loading position. Now with Agfa: dotrix, he can meet the needs of customers at any time

when we showed our customers the printing materials of dotrix, they were attracted by everything in front of them. Flet was first woven into a blade shaped preform with carbon fiber, Cher said Agorix LM UV ink has the same characteristics of low transfer and low odor from beginning to end. Flexo printing should be very careful to ensure the stability of color density and registration accuracy. However, if dotrix is used, ink density change and color dislocation will not occur. UV color ensures registration accuracy when passing through printing at one time, and the density is digitally controlled.: Dotrix modular can help us grasp the jobs of short to medium printing volume, which is a headache for traditional flexo printing: it is necessary to balance the cost of plate making and printing and to meet the delivery time

the printing industry in Australia is paying more and more attention to environmental protection.: The loss that dotrix modular helps Le MAC reduce is obvious. The traditional flexo printing press will have a material loss of several hundred meters when it is started. With the development of short edition printing, the damage of traditional flexo printing becomes more and more serious. However, dotrix modular has no loss during startup and does not need to shut down during live parts conversion. It can convert live parts while maintaining the original printing speed

: dotrix modular UV digital inkjet printer, with a printing width of 63cm, is the most powerful printing machine in the industry Dotrix is the only digital printer with high-speed production capacity, producing media ranging from 20 micron foil film/label to 600 micron hard board paper. The modular structure makes the effective resolution and dynamic performance of traditional flexo printing a pair of contradictory cloth and glazing units can be connected to the roll to roll basic unit, and the die-cutting device can also be connected to form a complete system

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