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The first domestic CD-ROM injection molding machine was launched in Guangdong. The first digital CD-ROM injection molding machine with independent intellectual property rights developed and produced by Guangdong Hongli Machinery Co., Ltd. recently passed the technical appraisal organized by the Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province

in April this year, experts from the national optical disc center of Tsinghua University tested the optical disc production line. It was found that the CD, VCD and CD-R optical disc technology standards produced by the machine all met the requirements of relevant international standards. The characteristics of the special pc/pbt alloy, especially the self adaptation of the locking force and injection pressure of the optical disc injection molding machine, the self positioning of the mold and the precision injection compression function, are more innovative than the products outside the structural principle of the national friction testing machine

this CD-ROM injection machine is developed by Hongli machinery company on the basis of its "four cylinder full hydraulic injection molding machine". Before that, this type of equipment could only be imported. The emergence of Hongli digital disc injection molding machine ended this history. In addition, the price is only more than 2million yuan per set, only about 1/4 of that of similar imported products

experts predict that the demand for optical discs in China will increase at an average annual rate of more than 30%, and the market potential of such devices is huge. At the same time, most of the upstream optical discs are in the stage of production line construction and small batch production, and the technological progress of the industry is also developing rapidly. China's first polycarbonate grade bisphenol a plant has been put into operation in Wuxi, while polycarbonate plants have been or will be constructed in Shanghai, Nantong, Lanzhou, Quanzhou, Jiaxing and other places. Therefore, China has a promising future in this field. If all the materials are tested

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