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China and the United States first discussed the tire special protection case, which shows China's determination to oppose trade protectionism. The heads of state of China and the United States met in New York on the 22nd. During the talks, Chinese President Hu Jintao particularly mentioned the recent China US special tire warranty case. This shows that China is deeply aware of the harm of the spread of trade protectionism and hopes to take the special safeguard case as a breakthrough to safeguard its rights and interests

when talking about the special safeguard case, Hu Jintao said that it is not in the interests of the two countries for the United States to take special safeguard measures against Chinese tires exported to the United States, and similar things should not happen again. He also stressed that under the current global economic and financial situation, China and the United States should firmly oppose trade and investment protectionism. China is willing to work with the United States to continue to expand mutually beneficial cooperation in economic and trade fields, properly handle economic and trade frictions through equal consultation, and maintain the healthy and stable development of China US economic and trade relations

meixinyu, an expert from the Trade Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China, said that from the perspective of President Hu's zero hour negotiation on the special safeguard case as China's supreme head of state, it shows that China has fallen into a certain misunderstanding in resolving trade disputes in the past

Mei Xinyu said: "We are usually too worried about using trade retaliation measures. Once we can't bear it and decide to implement trade retaliation, the outside world no longer believes in our determination to defend our own rights and interests, but thinks that we are just making a false move. At the same time, our excessive restraint of public opinion has further deepened such misjudgments by the outside world. For the protectionist forces in our trading partners, doing so can only make them continue to deepen their misjudgments and take more protection measures Protectionist measures. "

heweiwen, executive director of China WTO Research Association, said that President Hu's statement is very necessary. The special tire protection case is not a simple economic issue, but a major issue in China US relations. The US President Barack Obama finally decided to implement the special tire insurance for China. Therefore, it is natural for the top Chinese leaders to raise concerns. The purpose of doing so is also to maintain the healthy development of the bilateral economic and trade relations between China and the United States

according to Mei Xinyu, the economic and trade field has always played a prominent role in China's diplomacy. In the past, China also had a precedent in which the head of state came forward to solve trade disputes

in response to Hu Jintao's concerns about Chongqing in March, Obama said that the United States supports free trade and is committed to continuing to expand trade relations with China. The United States is willing to solve economic and trade issues with China through dialogue and consultation. The United States appreciates China's efforts to expand domestic demand and maintain the stability of the RMB exchange rate in response to the impact of the international financial crisis

Mei Xinyu interprets two meanings of Obama's response. First, the United States dares to expand the special insurance case indefinitely without reaching 74billion euros in sales in 2013. Second, the United States hopes that China will continue to expand domestic demand and maintain the stability of the RMB exchange rate

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