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The first domestic large-diameter slurry balance shield machine "Chuxin" was launched

Abstract: on the 27th, the design shield of the first domestic large-diameter slurry balance qee-tech 3D preformed equipment, such as the tensile specimen of aluminum plate, should show that the 45 ° inclined angle structure "Chuxin" was successfully launched in the Huadian Yinchuan "East to west" central heating project

On the 27th, the first domestic large-diameter slurry balance shield machine "Chuxin" was successfully launched in the central heating project of "east to West heat transmission" of Huadian Yinchuan

according to the project technician of China Railway Construction Bridge Bureau, "Chuxin" has completely independent intellectual property rights, with a total length of about 132 meters, a complete machine weight of about 1500 tons, an installed power of 3500 kW, and an excavation diameter of 9.05 meters. It will cross the 1838 meter silty fine sand tunnel in the Yellow River riverbed, creating a mud water balance shield machine construction record

Huadian Yinchuan's "heat from the east to the west" central heating project will replace 155 sets of small boilers in the urban area, save 756800 tons of coal, and reduce about 2.1 million tons of carbon dioxide, 20000 tons of sulfur dioxide and 3600 tons of nitrogen oxides each year

according to the design data, Huadian Yinchuan's "east to West heat transmission" central heating project has created many records, that is, the first central heating project in China that uses millions of air-cooled units for heating, long-distance, cross the Yellow River and large temperature difference heat pump technology; The first large-diameter shield heat supply special tunnel crossing the yellow rubber pulling machine River in China is a bright project to avoid rust; The largest central heating project in Northwest China; The largest livelihood project and environmental protection project in Ningxia Autonomous Region

the project will meet the heating conditions for Yinchuan city by the end of October 2018

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