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The first domestic film production line was put into operation in Cangzhou, Hebei Province recently, Cangzhou Mingzhu film business department used its independent intellectual property rights to independently develop, design and manufacture the first domestic BOPA film production line, which achieved a one-time success in commissioning, and all the physical indicators of the products reached or exceeded the imported production line

Cangzhou Mingzhu company is the largest plastic pipeline and BOPA film production base in China, with a year-on-year growth of 130%. The company has four film production lines, with an annual output of 18000 tons. This time, the film production line independently developed by Cangzhou Mingzhu took the lead in adopting the most advanced synchronous drawing process in China, which can effectively improve the defects of the traditional two-step biaxial drawing process, and has a broad market prospect

previously, there was no precedent for China to integrate BOPA film production lines by itself. The existing production lines are all made by Germany, France and Japan. The key equipment of the production line is synchronous drawing machine, which is only mastered by Japan and France

Cangzhou Mingzhu has introduced foreign technologies, digested and absorbed them, conducted surveying and mapping, design and continuous experiments. Through consulting a large number of data and conducting several physical and chemical experiments, and through the equipment localization transformation and experiments in the past four years, on the other hand, the synchronous stretching machine equipment designed by the company and processed through outsourcing completely exceeds the original foreign technical level, and the design of mechanical transmission has reached the world advanced level, The localization rate reaches 100%. At the same time, the technicians incorporated the ventilation and exhaust system into the process design to reduce the power consumption of the air conditioner as much as possible. On the basis of 1.2 million kcal of the cooling capacity of the first-line cold water machine, it was reduced to 60 (6) start the oil pump and cultivate the aluminum based new material industry as a leading industry

the smooth operation of this independent R & D production line marks that great achievements have been made in the localization of BOPA production equipment. Cangzhou Mingzhu Donghong packaging materials Co., Ltd. has also become the largest BOPA film manufacturer with the highest level of equipment localization in China. China Plastics Processing Industry Association officially awarded Cangzhou Mingzhu Donghong packaging materials Co., Ltd. as the R & D and practice base of two-way synchronous stretching nylon film in China

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