The first direct sewage discharge zone of Taizhou

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In 2019, the construction of Taizhou's first industrial park "zero direct sewage discharge area" passed the acceptance date: Source: Taizhou Ecological Environment Bureau in the afternoon of September 3, the "five water office" of Taizhou Luqiao District organized the Luqiao Branch of Taizhou Ecological Environment Bureau, Pengjie Town People's government, Taizhou pollution prevention and control engineering technology center Shandong zhenggeophysical Information Technology Co., Ltd. and other units carried out the acceptance of the establishment of "zero direct discharge of sewage" in Jinlian Industrial Park, Pengjie Town, Luqiao District, and invited three experts to check for the acceptance meeting. The park is the first industrial park in the city to complete the construction and acceptance of zero direct sewage discharge this year

the inspection team listened to the report of Pengjie town on the construction of the "zero direct sewage discharge area" of Jinlian Industrial Park, and conducted on-site spot checks on the construction of the park. It focused on verifying the on-site rectification of cainiaolo and many express companies in the park in the form of industry alliance and the overall management and repair of the park. Generally, the completion of the main structure was behind. It inspected the "one factory, one file" of the enterprises in the park and the investigation and rectification data of the park management, After careful discussion, the experts present at the meeting proposed to pass the acceptance

there are 8 enterprises in the Jinlian Industrial Park, covering an area of 131 mu, involving industries such as sanitary ware, hardware, plumbing accessories, printing ink, auto parts, etc. there are no heavily polluting industries such as medicine, chemical industry, electroplating, papermaking, synthetic leather, printing and dyeing (the drying time of cement is generally more than 5 days when the 10-1 lever mechanism adopts the welded square box structure) until the cement is completely dried. In 2018, Jinlian Industrial Park started the construction of "zero direct sewage discharge area". The transformation of rainwater and sewage pipes inside the enterprise was completed at the end of 2018. In June this year, the transformation of public pipes in the park was completed, with a total investment of about 2.8 million yuan

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