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Because the pace of life of white-collar workers collides with traditional decoration, at present, there are four prominent contradictions in the home decoration of modern urban white-collar workers:

1. Cultural conflict: the contradiction between taste pursuit and rough design

2. Time conflict: the contradiction between little spare time and the long deadline for home decoration

3. Money conflict: the contradiction between limited budget and large decoration costs

4. Trust crisis: with the fast-paced and multi-channel development of modern cities, the guarantee of integrity is facing a crisis

so, what kind of home decoration services do white-collar workers need? Under the current market conditions, integrated home decoration is the most suitable decoration form for white-collar workers at present, and integrated home decoration will become a trend to enter the homes of Chinese people. So, what are the advantages of integrated home decoration? Take the aipei family for example. Their characteristic service is the decoration package of 315 yuan/m2, which is specially set up for the white-collar class one by one. It aims to solve the above contradictions and really do people's home decoration

first, the time conflict is solved &mdash& mdash; Convenient one-stop shopping and butler service. In the nearly 2000 square meter home life experience hall, the 315 yuan/m2 package decoration not only includes design and construction, but also includes wall and floor tiles, metal integrated ceiling, paint free door and door pocket, some sanitary ware, hardware, room door, paint, floor, windowsill plate, balcony floor tiles and paint. Therefore, you don't have to spend a lot of time looking for resources in the major building materials markets and group purchase meetings. During this period, all things such as home decoration design, construction and production are completed by the housekeeper service of ape home for you. The integrated production of the factory not only shortens the time of nearly 1/3 compared with the traditional decoration, but also ensures the quality and technology

secondly, solve the money conflict &mdash& mdash; A real discount of nearly 20%. Integrated home decoration is to integrate products in the embassy through in-depth channels to basically lower the group purchase price of similar products, so choosing 315 yuan/m2 decoration package will save nearly 20% of the cost than normal decoration

resolve cultural conflicts again &mdash& mdash; The decoration package integrates professional design and makes full taste. Because white-collar workers have considerable requirements for design taste, which is also the unique aesthetics of this group

finally, remove the trust crisis &mdash& mdash; Budget is equal to final account, and the price is stated clearly, without fraud. In general home decoration, budget overrun is always a big problem. The decoration package strictly indicates the various materials provided and the types of services provided. There is no secondary increase in charges, and lifelong home consultants are equipped to provide post completion services

according to the analysis of home decoration market, generally speaking, integrated decoration is equivalent to fast-food home decoration. In the ready-made exhibition hall, owners can order a decoration package suitable for themselves according to their own preferences. Its advantage is that it is easy to worry, labor-saving, concise, and affordable, suitable for the public. How broad is the road of integrated home decoration? In the pursuit of goals, the most important thing for integrated home decoration companies is social responsibility or economic benefits. How far they can see determines how far they can go





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