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Mag's participation in Guangzhou Construction Expo opened the era of fixed installation system

from July 8 to 11, 2012, the 14th Guangzhou International Architectural Decoration Expo was grandly held in Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center. This is an annual event for the customized furniture industry and even the domestic home building materials industry, and it is also a huge platform for industry colleagues to communicate. As a partner of Guangzhou Construction Expo for many years and a leading brand in the customized furniture industry, MAG customized furniture has participated in this industry event for the sixth time. During the exhibition, marg custom furniture attended the summit forum of "focusing on China's customization power? Helping the development of the wardrobe industry" hosted by the wardrobe special committee of the decoration industry association of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, and became a participant in the compilation of the 2012 white paper on consumption of China's wardrobe industry. During this exhibition, while completing brand promotion and investment attraction, marg has increasingly increased its influence in the industry

with an area of more than 240 square meters, MAG exhibition hall is one of the largest enterprises in the exhibition among the participating wardrobe enterprises. It is located on the side of the trunk road of the wardrobe hall, and has obvious geographical advantages. This is not only the crystallization of the strength of MAG enterprises, but also a reflection of the continuous improvement of the status of MAG industry. At the same time, the layout design and exhibition image of marg exhibition hall have also been unanimously affirmed by the participating colleagues and guests. Marg's three product lines - American neoclassical, simple European and modern panel style system products have appeared together, becoming an enterprise with the most balanced product distribution and the most abundant categories in the exhibitors. Through the coordination of cabinet products, soft decoration and scene display, It shows the brand image and product image of MAG in an all-round way. MAG enterprise promotional film was also released for the first time at the exhibition, and the display of MAG enterprise culture is more three-dimensional than the previous exhibition

the most revolutionary measure of this exhibition is the official launch of the "fixed installation system" representing the future direction of the industry. The fixed installation system proposed by Marge is a new industrial model and lifestyle formed by creatively incorporating the whole house decoration modules such as the parapet system, doors and windows and linear system on the basis of the traditional customized storage of furniture. The R & D and application of mag's "fixed installation system" has overcome hundreds of technical difficulties in indoor furniture, created a new home design and implementation scheme, and formed a new home system with multi fields and systems. While paying tribute to traditional home aesthetics, MAG solid decoration system promotes customized home with all-round upgrading and innovation? The arrival of the era of solid decoration will create a leading luxury home space and a top-level lifestyle to define the new future of China's home industry and home culture

the launch of mag's "fixed installation system" has caused great repercussions among industry colleagues attending the meeting. MAG has become the first enterprise in the industry to put forward this futuristic concept. In the future, mag's "fixed installation system" will go hand in hand with "MAG intelligent manufacturing", forming a dual core driving force for mag's industrial potential upgrading and product system, and continuously improving mag's brand influence in the industry




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