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Nowadays, housing prices in cities are too high to reach, and many people will choose to return to the countryside to live. Rural areas have great advantages in housing prices, and it is better to enjoy the fresh air in rural areas

with the decoration of old houses in rural areas, now the housing price in cities is too high to reach, and many people will choose to return to the countryside to live. Rural areas have great advantages in housing prices, and it is better to enjoy the fresh air in rural areas. Moreover, the indoor decoration of rural houses is not different from that of urban houses, and it is more autonomous, and its decoration cost is also more cost-effective. Then the following editor will explain to you the skills of interior decoration of rural houses

rural interior decoration skills:

most rural houses are self built, so at the beginning of building, we should plan the indoor pattern and decoration design, so as to save the trouble of dismantling and changing the structure before the decoration starts, and there is also a sum of money left. Therefore, when building the house, we should first do a good job in the embedding of lines and pipelines, tertiary purification tanks, sewage pipes, etc

rural home furnishings respect folk traditional habits and customs, maintain folk characteristics, and pay attention to the use of local building materials or local legends as decorative themes. In the indoor environment, we strive to express the leisure and comfortable taste of rural life, and create a natural, simple and elegant space atmosphere

rural home furnishings advocate returning to simplicity and nature, abandon products made of man-made materials, and apply natural materials such as wood, masonry, grass rattan, cotton cloth to interior design. These practices are particularly suitable in villa construction and are loved by people

rural home decoration meets the use requirements — Practical home decoration is people-oriented and ends with things, not putting the cart before the horse. In terms of function, we can distinguish the use degree of each room, and the status and role of the living room will become increasingly prominent: social exchanges, cultural entertainment, daily life, etc. the building of small room and large living room has become a popular trend

houses in rural areas are best decorated. The outer wall is pasted with musek, the inner wall is painted with paint, the inner wall is surrounded by gypsum lines, and the underground is made of marble. This is generous and gorgeous. Furniture can be made into several pieces of suitable furniture

rural interior decoration points for attention:

first, self built houses should choose a good construction team and have architectural sketches

second, self built houses should be supervised and guaranteed to ensure the quality of the building. Steel, bricks, tiles, cement and other materials should be prepared

III. housing design involves the occupation of public roads, and neighborhood relations should be handled well. We should write a construction contract, so that we can have evidence to talk about in the settlement, so as to avoid problems in the settlement

fourth, we should design the underground pipeline to solve the problem once and for all, otherwise it will be a big trouble

v. don't forget to lay the line. Ensure that the wall is vertical

VI. doors and windows should be prepared for the design of rural houses, and the size of doors and windows should be reserved

VII. If rural housing design is building construction, we should pay attention to the shading of neighbors, and deal with the area and structure of our own buildings reasonably

VIII. Prepare power supply

IX. rural housing design should choose the building season, and it is best to build after the first month

X. the foundation must be treated well

here is the relevant information about the decoration of old houses in rural areas. I hope this article will be helpful to you. If there is anything else you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian below, and we will answer it for you as soon as possible





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