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My long-standing dream has finally come true. The house has been decorated, and I plan to get married in the near future. The final event is so settled. Decoration is my one wish. I have always dreamed of having a beautiful home: there are flowers in four seasons and the breeze blows gently. I want to decorate a house with American pastoral style. When this little dream comes true, standing upstairs and looking down, I am intoxicated by the beautiful scenery. Life may make me very busy and hard, but because I have this warm residence in Minghu Haoting, I am full of happiness every day

let's talk about the decoration of my house first: About 124 square meters, American pastoral style, three bedrooms and two living rooms

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the bathroom of the waiwei, the mosaic of flowers, the separation of dry and wet, and the blue floor tiles inside are shower rooms ~

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