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As the saying goes, "there is no free lunch in the world", but it happens that some people believe that there are things in the world that are good and cheap, or even free. Of course, businessmen are most afraid of choosing the wrong investment project. Because investment must pay a lot of manpower, material resources, money and time, but the ultimate goal of both investment and work is to make money. So, is there a market for joining the integrated wall? Is there really a good thing for free? What problems should we pay attention to when making integrated walls:

first, we choose unreliable manufacturers

investors lack experience and choose a manufacturer who doesn't want to do long-term business at all. Such manufacturers choose to buy and sell with one hammer when attracting investment. It seems that the price is very low, there are many rebates and rebates, which makes investors see the bright prospect of the integrated wall, but there are many hidden danger clauses, loophole clauses and additional clauses in the contract, which make dealers unable to really understand. After joining and paying the money, the product quality and service are not available at all, and even the quantity of goods is only a little

second, cut corners and substitute inferior materials for good

in order to maximize benefits, many integrated wall manufacturers continue to reduce costs, cut corners and substitute inferior materials for good. Although many dealers join the integrated wall, they don't know anything about the real quality of the integrated wall. The manufacturer just grasps this point, and will unscrupulously sell inferior products to dealers as high-quality products. It is precisely because of this irresponsible practice that many dealers are often in the state of selling and shipping, but also have to be tired of doing after-sales problems. In this case, how can dealers do good business, let alone the prospect of integrated walls

of course, we can't lose confidence in the market of integrated wall because of the failure of appeal. In fact, as long as we do well in the following six points, it's not difficult to do a good job in integrated wall:

1. Quality control

quality is the first key to the prospects of the entire integrated wall. If the most basic quality problems cannot be solved, there is no way to talk about the business prospects. Otherwise, losing money may be more than making money

2. Beautiful design

design is the first impression related to people's choice of integrated wallboards. Just think, if it's particularly ugly, who wants to choose the wallboard, it's better to scrape the white wallpaper

3. Be able to sell

good quality and design, but people don't know what's the use. Now is the age when wine is deep and alleys are deep. Therefore, we must have good publicity and sales methods, and these manufacturers need to do a good job in training

4. Manufacturer linkage

the manufacturer is the powerful background of the dealer. It does not require the manufacturer to be large, but the manufacturer must pay attention to brand publicity, contact activities, dealer service and product innovation, so that the dealer can have sustainable development

5. Brand check

consumers will not pay attention to whether there are dozens or hundreds of things. But if tens of thousands of decoration, people must inquire online about word-of-mouth and brand. So as a manufacturer, we don't want luxury brands, but at least people should have heard of this brand. We should also do a good job in online brand publicity, which is equivalent to doing a good job in brand publicity for dealers

6. Subsidy support

many people who join the integrated wall have never done this business before, so it is very necessary for manufacturers to provide various training support to dealers, as well as decoration subsidies, advertising subsidies and other support, so that they can get on the right track as soon as possible

as businessmen, everyone must understand that everything has risks. We don't dare to promise dealers that integrated walls can make 100% money. As for how much money integrated walls can make, it ultimately depends on the manufacturer chosen by investors and their own business skills. Finally, Xiaobian reminds everyone: be careful when making any investment, and be careful to sail for thousands of years

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