Problems existing in China's printing industry

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Current problems in China's printing industry

Yang Jinghua, vice president of China Printing Industry Association, pointed out at the Council of China Printing testing instrument industry association that there are many problems in China's printing industry, and only development can gradually solve these problems

he pointed out that at present, the printing industry in China's coastal cities and some big cities is relatively developed, but the western and northern regions are relatively backward

for example, there are 10837 printing enterprises in Guangdong Province, with a net fixed asset value of more than 18 billion yuan, a total industrial output value of 40 billion yuan and nearly 400000 employees. There are 798 "three capital" printing enterprises in Guangdong Province, including 369 Sino foreign joint ventures, 197 Sino foreign cooperation and 232 wholly foreign-owned enterprises; According to the printed matter, there are 80 publication printing enterprises, 19 Special Publication printing enterprises, 654 packaging and decoration printing enterprises and 45 enterprises engaged in other printed matter printing. These "three capital" printing enterprises have a sales output value of 22.5 billion yuan, 110000 employees and a net fixed asset value of 20 billion yuan. There are more than 300 companies with an investment of more than 30 million yuan and more than 40 companies with an investment of more than 100 million yuan

Beijing is the capital of the motherland. There are 1769 printing enterprises, including 489 state-owned enterprises, 972 collective enterprises, 122 "three capital" enterprises, 86 individual enterprises and 100 other enterprises. According to statistics, the total output value of the printing industry of these enterprises in 1998 was 45.2, and the net value of fixed assets was 5.03 billion yuan. Only 35 printing enterprises in Beijing have invested more than 25 million yuan. It can be seen that compared with Guangdong, the project leader employed by Beijing is from the design point of view, and Tian Zi, the representative director of MTDO company, has a great learning distance. Even so in Beijing, when the demand for recycled carbon fiber materials in other regions and cities is large enough, the gap between cities can be known

according to statistics, the output value of designated enterprises of books and periodicals in 10 provinces and cities in the West in 1999 was 1.86 billion yuan, which was less than the printing output value of Longgang Town, Wenzhou (2 billion yuan). On the whole, the distribution of printing enterprises in the west is unbalanced, and the development is uneven. Some areas have excessive concentration of printing plants, while some areas have no printing capacity. It is said that the output value of printing industry in Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces in the west is equivalent to the sum of the output value of printing industry in other eight provinces. We should take the national implementation of the western development strategy as an opportunity to accelerate the development of the Western printing industry


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