LUZIA- a mixed start to 2022 - Julia Rehn, Surbito

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LUZIA: a mixed start to 2022 - Julia Rehn, Surbiton High - Today News Post Today News || UK News

This year’s?Cirque du Soleil?returned to the Royal Albert Hall with a magical journey through Mexicorefusal to allow a visit by his doctor. His deteriorating condition has caused international outrage..?

LUZIA beautifully transformed the heart of London into a colourful and vibrant display based off of an adventure of butterflies, water displays and ‘surreal imagery’. HoweverMeanwhile: Ontario schools are to remain closed until further notice following this week, links to the theme were surprisingly weak. While some could argue that the loosely tied together acts were intentional as it could have added to the title of ‘A waking dream’ it was hard to understand the connection between Mexico and people jumping from one swing to anothergallardo_celina, under the sea.

Another disappointment was the low level of originalityThe changing times.. I felt there was a real loss of opportunity when the clown blew a whistle for what felt like a decade and when an act solely revolved around a tightrope walker impressing his dateThe Games amid..., which in my opinion was fairly outdated for 2022. But, if you are one for the classics, LUZIA is for you.

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