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Liaoning's first pilot application of UAV inspection and detection data platform

original title: the pilot application of the first UAV inspection and detection data platform in our province

on August 19, it was learned at the first unmanned system industry innovation and development seminar hosted by Shenyang municipal government, which has good resistance to common battery electrolytes that it was jointly constructed by Shenyang general aviation industry base and Shenyang no distance Aviation Service Co., Ltd The first UAV inspection and detection data platform in our province has been completed and started pilot application. Its pilot data will provide a basis for the formulation of national UAV production standards, the application of monitoring data, and the formulation of laws and regulations

it is understood that the UAV industry has developed rapidly in recent years, with about 300 domestic UAV enterprises and an annual sales of more than 3million UAVs. UAVs have been widely used in agriculture, logistics, fire protection, surveying and mapping and other fields. However, some "black flying" problems have also affected public safety. In order to promote the standardized and orderly development of UAV industry, it is urgent to issue corresponding laws and regulations and use advanced technical means to manage UAV

"Our UAV inspection and detection data platform can use cloud technology to monitor the take-off time, flight trajectory, and various actions of UAVs in real time. In order to meet the needs of all-round experiments, application exercises, and training of unmanned systems, we have also built a low altitude safety supervision center based on big data, a UAV inspection and detection base, unmanned system power, police, fire control, surveying and mapping, water application, desert experimental area, and other practical areas Landscape application base. " The relevant person in charge of Shenyang no distance flight width sample fixture Air Service Co., Ltd. said

220v AC +/⑴ 0% 50/60hz Jin Wei, Deputy Secretary General of China UAV industry innovation alliance, said that the UAV industry is a key industry created by Shenyang with the strength of the city, Since we must continue to improve the energy performance of buildings, the pilot application of the base will not only help the development of the whole chain of Shenyang UAV industry, but also provide an important technical path for China's management in the field of UAVs. Its accumulated big data resources will also provide a basis for the formulation of UAV related production standards and the introduction of laws and regulations

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