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Pilkington and Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington reached an agreement

the "interface and performance" business line of Evonik of Pilkington Group Co., Ltd. will provide scientific and technological support and business experience for the utilization and processing process of the project. As a part of Japan's bantanizo group, the company and Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Co., Ltd. have agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding and cooperation on September 9, A second coating experimental machine capable of mass producing advanced energy-saving glass will be installed in the newly-built float factory in Changshu, and tensile tests will be carried out with set steps (equipment equipped with extensometer after software prompt removal.

the proposed plant will produce Pilkington energy advantage? Low radiation glass for measuring the thickness of Pilkington GB 6672 plastic film and sheet. This product is the main material to help buildings save energy consumption. The glass produced by a coating line can be installed on the building every year to help reduce the emission of 120000 tons of carbon dioxide.

both parties of the joint venture have already done so The precedent of the cooperation is that the 50/50 joint venture factory - Jiangsu Pilkington yaopi Glass Co., Ltd. - which was established six years before the verification of the 200 correct device electronic universal testing machine - the leading coating equipment production line installed in this factory is about to start operation

Julian Barnes, The executive director of Pilkington building glass China said: "the Chinese government has recognized the benefits of energy-saving glass, and the government has stipulated the use of energy-saving glass in public and commercial buildings. It is very hoped that the government can further expand the scope of regulations and require civil houses to also use energy-saving glass (the British government has requested) 。 This will not only make a significant contribution to China's goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, but will not have any negative impact on the development and employment opportunities of the glass industry. "

The signing ceremony was held in Shanghai. The Secretary of state and Minister of business innovation skills of the United Kingdom, Lord Mandelson, attended the signing ceremony, during which he was on an official visit to China

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