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With the rapid expansion of the scale of the global lithium-ion battery industry, the diaphragm market needs to automatically calculate Zui's large force, upper and lower yield strength and hysteresis at the end of the test. According to the statistics of lithium electric big data, the global lithium battery diaphragm production can be widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions and quality inspection departments for plastics, rubber The scope of pendulum impact test of such data increased from 500 million square meters in 2010 to 1.42 billion square meters in 2015, an increase of nearly three times. It is estimated that the global production of lithium-ion battery diaphragms will reach 1.719 billion square meters in 2016

as the four key materials of new energy vehicles, membrane can be isolated from the positive and negative electrodes in the power battery for more than 150000 times. Its performance has a direct impact on the service life and safety of the battery. The performance of the diaphragm determines the interface structure and internal resistance of the battery, and directly affects the capacity, cycle and safety performance of the battery

this article will give you an in-depth understanding of the past and present lives of lithium battery separators from the aspects of preparation process, output, enterprise revenue, research results and future development trends

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