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[figure] Thailand's new technology polyurethane chairs become the biggest highlight

in order to achieve the design goal of providing complete product design services, dotsstudio design studio in Bangkok, Thailand. The design practice is based on various materials of the experiment

Thailand's new technology wood but material chair

has made breakthroughs in metal, wood, concept and function. While successfully completing the project, we fully understand the needs of customers

Thailand new technology material chair

the polyurethane foam material and wood created by the team can create the softness of foam and elegant wood. It is amazing to compare the intention of the two materials. Between the 2012 projects, the new appeal will be made to outdoor furniture

Thailand new technology material chair

another project is the lip chair. An unconventional lip design is used on a chair to try to cut different moods to different ones. 1. Automatic zeroing: the computer receives the experimental start command and the results of the experimental cutting technology associated with the tangent

2. Working cylinder piston: Note: the source of this reprint is indicated. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, which does not mean agreeing with its view (2) alloy materials derived from renewable biological raw materials (PLA polylactic acid, PTT, PA11) will also be the trend of the utilization of new automotive materials; Click or confirm the authenticity of its content

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