The hottest pilot color cloud business of China Mo

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At the 2012 (6th) International Symposium on mobile Internet held yesterday, China Mobile pilot color cloud business 5. Cutting experiment learned that China Mobile's color cloud business has begun to be piloted and promoted to users this month, and plans to be fully commercial by the end of the year. China Mobile launched different combinations of color force measurement and afterburner methods to produce different styles of horizontal tensile testing machine cloud, which is regularly coated with a thin layer of mos22 molybdenum sulfide and grease products, with the goal of creating a safe, convenient and efficient personal cloud digital life center. It is reported that Caiyun supports mainstream operating system platforms such as apple, Android and Microsoft WP. It can provide functions such as virtualization, remote management and cloud address book, and is not only for users of China Mobile, but also for all mobile Internet users. Previously, China Unicom and Chinatelecom also launched their own cloud services to give full play to their respective advantages and characteristics of multi-component composite products

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