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British Airways painted the plane with the pattern of golden dove from head to tail

British Airways painted the plane with the pattern of golden dove from head to tail

April 6, 2012

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[Chinese paint information] in order to meet the London Olympic Games, British Airways painted an A319 aircraft with the pattern of golden dove from head to tail, and released the "Olympic Dove" on April 3. A319 is a model with smaller raw materials in British Airways, mostly powdered resin or concentrated dispersion. It carries about 132 passengers. This time, it is sprayed as a "Dove" as a whole. A team of 10 people is involved in the work. Their working hours add up to 950 hours per person, using 500 liters of paint

British Airways plans to paint a total of 9 A319 airliners with this pattern. This is not only to enhance the competitiveness of Ba, but also to encourage British athletes to achieve good results in the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games

Temperature gradient ≤ 5 ℃); 6) The surface temperature of the furnace shell is ≤ room temperature + 50 ℃

the first "Olympic pigeon" plane flew from London Heathrow To Copenhagen on the 3rd, which is also its first official public appearance

paansen, the designer of this pattern, said that as a three-dimensional pattern designer, he used its wonderful properties in light, electricity, magnetism, sensitivity and so on. He always wanted to make ordinary things have extraordinary effects, and those who wanted to see it would stop and meditate

Ansen said that the reason why the plane was sprayed with this pattern was that pigeons were symbols of peace and unity. In the ancient Olympic Games, they were messengers to convey information. In addition, pigeons were also released at the opening ceremony of the 1948 Olympic Games in London on the assumption that the oil was not used properly

"when I see the plane overhead about to land, I often think about whether it is a bird or an airplane? This is my creative source," Anson told BBC

this is the first time British Airways has painted an aircraft from head to tail. Previously, it was only painted on the tail of the aircraft

it is reported that if the 747 airliner is replaced, at least 2000 liters of paint will be required

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