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Pilkington Group Co., Ltd. announced at the Frankfurt International Auto Show on the 17th that it had obtained the acquisition license for the production and supply of environmentally friendly SPD smart automotive glass products from the frontier research company (refr). Cutting edge research corporation (refr) is the developer and technology holder of the cutting edge research corporation (refr)

this license fully shows that Pilkington is expanding its SPD business. In 2004, Pilkington obtained the license to produce laminated SPD smart glass panels using SPD Technology (i.e. configuration (presence bit) serial detection technology) from catman4.5 company of HBM, a research frontier company. At this stage of development, Pilkington learned a lot of professional knowledge about the mezzanine of the Research Report of the new energy vehicle industry released by GF Securities, and extensively cooperated with customers to develop relevant SPD smart products to meet the needs of the automotive market. With this new license, Pilkington has the ability to provide SPD smart terminal products, including sunshades, glass roof panels, and front and rear windshield sunshades

spd - Smart automotive products can automatically or manually adjust the light transmission angle, effectively preventing 99. 5% visible light. Because it can effectively prevent heat and visible light, the academic name of SPD – smart glass is stress shielding, which can reduce the heat inside the car and meet the cooling requirements inside the car. These environmentally friendly products can also reduce the size and weight of the air conditioning system, thereby saving fuel and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, when the engine stops, the product will automatically fall to the best energy-saving state, so people will feel very cool when entering the car again

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