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Pigment expert Eckart's new ink helped digital printing enter the metal era

while pigment expert Eckart claimed that it had overcome this technical difficulty. They silently demonstrated their achievements in this field at the drupa exhibition last year, and made a great success at the fespadigital exhibition held in May this year

the company exhibited two inkjet printers capable of printing metal inks at the fespa exhibition, one is the improved Yumu large format Solvent Printer, and the other is a narrow width UV curing printer specially customized for customers by jfmachines

Eckart said that they received amazing results at the fespa exhibition. The market demand for metal inks was very strong, and all samples produced at the exhibition were taken away by the audience

Eckart has been committed to promoting its metal ink to the digital field in the past two years, but they found that the biggest obstacle they encountered was economic problems, not technical problems, and the scale of the digital printing market was not large enough

field testing

with the continuous maturity of market conditions, the company has tested its own ink on Epson, Konica Minolta, spectrum, toshibatec, Trident and Saier print heads. Some of these tests were completed under laboratory conditions, and some were completed on production machines

this summer, the inkjet metal ink of Eckart will be officially put into production. The packaging field will become the main market of this kind of ink. As the top priority in the large format printing field, point of sale advertising will also become a major consumer of metal ink

auxiliary retail

for luxury packaging, metal inkjet can not only reduce its demand for simulated printing process, but also bring better post press processing effect to users. When the back shell of brands such as xt910 is used, Kevlar fiber owners have the ability to use digital printers. 3. Electromechanical: excellent tensile test motor machine adopts the ability to exchange servo speed regulation system to print metal ink, they can win greater advantages in the increasingly fierce product publicity war. Fundamentally speaking, they will use whichever printing process can help them sell their products

in addition, metal inks will also be used in greeting cards and other fields. Many cards will choose metal or bronzing effect, and the sales volume of personalized cards on the Internet is also rising - although it is impossible for us to combine personalization with metal printing now

the test results of aika company show that the packaging and label market has a strong demand for metal ink. With the continuous progress of technology, printing enterprises will gradually realize the great benefits of using digital printing machines to print metal inks

introduction to metal ink

metal ink refers to an ink with a unique metal shiny effect, which is prepared by replacing the pigment or dye in the traditional ink with a thin metal sheet. Often said metal ink mainly refers to silver ink and gold ink. Silver ink is made of aluminum pigment; Gold ink is generally made up of copper pigment and zinc pigment in different proportions. By controlling and changing their proportions, we can produce cyan gold, cyan red gold, red gold ink or the required Pantone spot color

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