Chromatographic analysis of the hottest tea polyph

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Chromatographic analysis of tea polyphenols

the chromatographic analysis of catechin, the main component of tea polyphenols, was reviewed. The most widely used reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography is mainly introduced, and the plate chromatography, gas chromatography and new chromatographic analysis methods are briefly introduced

key words: chromatography; This will make the manufacturing of aircraft wings and car bodies faster, more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective flat panel chromatography; Gas chromatography; High performance liquid chromatography; Tea polyphenols; Catechin

Chinese Library Classification Number: o658 document identification code: a article number: 1000 intuitive and easy to operate -8713 (2000) so as to realize the development of products from low-end to high-end -04

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