How to pack the hottest melon and vegetable seeds

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How to pack melon and vegetable seeds

with the progress of science and technology, the production, packaging and sales of seeds are developing in the direction of scientization, standardization and legalization. Especially like melon and vegetable seeds, the packaging is more and more advanced and luxurious. However, advanced and luxurious are not equal to no problems. Our village mainly grows vegetables. 70% of the land in the village grows vegetables every year. According to the vast majority of vegetable farmers, there are many problems in the packaging of melon and vegetable seeds, which need to be solved in time. "Advanced" and "luxury" are not enough. Nowadays, most of the melon and vegetable seeds are packed in iron boxes and plastic, and the printing is very exquisite. Using iron box and plastic to package seeds can play a good role in anti-counterfeiting, but its shortcomings are also very obvious. First, it is difficult to open, especially the iron box packaging, which is fully sealed and cannot be unscrewed, so farmers have to grind it on a stone when using it, or even cut it with a knife, which is not only troublesome, but also the unused seeds can not be properly preserved; Second, it increases the cost. The more exquisite and luxurious the packaging, the higher the cost, and increases the farmers' investment in farming; Third, it pollutes the environment. Iron box packaging and plastic packaging are not perishable. Farmers throw them everywhere after using them, which will not pollute the farmland; Fourth, these two kinds of packaging are unscientific. Seeds are alive. Even when they are still, they also need to breathe. The iron box and plastic packaging are tightly sealed, and the germination rate of seeds will be seriously affected after a long time. Production date and shelf life are essential. As for the seeds of melons and vegetables sold on the market at present, although there have been great improvements in the description, the two most important points, namely, the production date and shelf life, are almost absent. Because from the practice of planting, almost all the seeds are new and better than the old ones. The seeds in that year not only have high germination rate, but also have good quality and strong disease resistance, while the seeds in the second and third years are much worse. For example, if white radish seeds are put into the second year, not only the germination rate will drop by 10% to 15%, but also the phenomenon of embryo extraction and hollowing will increase significantly, which will directly affect the yield and quality of melons and vegetables. However, the date of production and shelf life are not printed on the seed packaging, which not only can't be recognized by vegetable farmers when purchasing, but also seed companies and sellers can't ensure the quality of seeds. Once the seeds have problems, No. 1. Precautions for handsaw installation, but farmers suffer losses, and the reputation and economy of seed companies and sellers will also be damaged. The certificate of conformity and quarantine certificate cannot be forgotten. Nowadays, imported melon and vegetable seeds are not uncommon in the market. Some imported excellent melon and vegetable seeds show special advantages and are deeply welcomed by farmers. However, some illegal traders illegally peddle melon and vegetable seeds with infectious diseases and pests, causing a certain degree of harm to crops; Some sales adulterate fake seeds, which directly affects the yield and quality of melons and vegetables. Therefore, vegetable farmers want to sell imported melons with different parameters for comparison. When selling domestic melon seeds, they must attach a quarantine certificate. In the future, these two certificates should be promoted as compulsory measures for the sale of melon and vegetable seeds. The package picture description should be consistent with the grown object. At present, picture explanation is widely used in melon and vegetable seed packaging, which plays a very good role in farmers' identification when buying. However, it is also common that the descriptions in the pictures do not match the real objects of melons and vegetables after they grow up. There are prawns on the package of instant noodles, but they don't even have prawns after opening the package, which has become a habit for consumers. But the picture description of seeds is different. 5.1 when the instrument is powered on, farmers will not only come to the door if they find that the description is different from the real object, but also bring a lawsuit to the court. Therefore, the picture description of melon and vegetable seed packaging should not be grandstanding. The smaller the package of melon and vegetable seeds, the better. At present, the vast majority of melon and vegetable seed packaging are 100g and 50g. Although these two packaging specifications have their convenient side, the current situation shows that there are relatively concentrated vegetable planting professionals, the area is gradually expanding, and the packaging is too small, which has added a lot of trouble. Therefore, several packaging specifications of 200g, 500g and 1000g should be added. 1. The backward level of technical reserves and process control make them complementary and more convenient to use. (Zhang Gaiyun)

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