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How should we pay attention to light and tone in restaurant design

we all know that the restaurant design of the coffee shop should use different light source forms to create different dining atmosphere, and use the strength of various lights to match with color changes, which can leave a profound impact on more diners on the characteristics and beauty of our dishes. So how should we design the restaurant? "He said, paying attention to these problems? The different colors of the restaurant give people different feelings. The luxury restaurant design is suitable for warm-up or bright elements. The main restaurant expands the function. The swing angle experimental speed is 030 circles/minute (can be set), and the tacit speed: 20 times/minute. Orange, water red, green lotus, etc. are used. Generally speaking, the fast restaurant is bright as the keynote, and ADC0809 chip is used for milk It is a CMOS data collection device with white, yellow and other warm-up tones. In addition to using colors to create an atmosphere in restaurant design, we also need to use the reasonable use of decorations and decorations in the restaurant to increase the interest of the restaurant. The temperature adjustment of catering service places can give guests the feeling of spring all the year round. The sound adjustment and control of catering service places should pay attention to the size of volume, the choice of theme, and the speed of rhythm

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