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How to play "Internet +" in traditional coating industry

how to play "Internet +" in traditional coating industry

September 14, 2016

[China paint information]

a few years ago, we said that the paint industry would enter Internet marketing and mobile marketing. At this time, many enterprises and dealers would say "a thousand reasons to make them sad". If they were allowed to choose now, they would say "no", but now many enterprises make money through Internet and mobile clients. All of these tell us that many people think that when it is suitable to do it now, it is already the peak of the industry. Doing it during the peak period is like 1000 people walking alone. Only a few people will catch up with the good period, just like the "Internet +" of the coating industry

what is "interconnection +" in the coating industry

generally speaking, it is "Internet + coating industry", but this is not simply the sum of the two, but the use of the Internet platform to deeply integrate the Internet and the coating industry and create a new development trend. It is equivalent to providing "interconnection" power for the coating industry and helping the development of the coating industry. The best example around is "Taobao". Using the Internet platform, traditional retail is integrated into the Internet, which makes people realize their desire to shop without going out. The Internet + coating industry will promote the industrial upgrading of the coating industry and help the development of the coating industry to be more meticulous and meticulous

where is the new way out for the coating industry? If the paint industry wants to develop, it must first adapt to the fatigue life test steps of the automotive front axle bench in this era: development characteristics. Just like the arrival of the industrial age, the traditional handicraft manufacturing industry is bound to be baptized. If you can't take the initiative to adapt to the social transformation and upgrading, then in this predatory society, there is only one outcome for you - elimination

mobile Internet is strengthening chemical enterprises, especially material enterprises, which have a lot of room for development. The proposal of the "Internet +" idea will lead to changes in the times. Under the new trend, coating enterprises need to actively integrate Internet thinking and achieve close online and offline cooperation in order to stand out in the market competition. Nuomitu is one of the coating enterprises with forward-looking vision

after the advent of the Internet era, nuomitu began to carry out strategic planning for "Internet + paint", and organized professional teams to actively integrate big data and establish a perfect marketing service system for paint franchisees, so that nuomitu franchisees can comprehensively grasp the detailed industry trends and development prospects through a platform and a system, and easily manage store business

it is true that the national standard joint marketing, which makes it reach a certain level through mutual testing, is only a means of product promotion. It uses a fatigue life testing system with wide range, reliable performance and low operation cost. Quality and personality are the fundamental factors for products to flow in the market and not be homogenized, which is also the most basic consideration for many franchisees when choosing coating manufacturers

"nomitu glutinous rice map" is positioned as "glutinous rice plant coating", and constantly introduces coating products that are truly ecological, natural and healthy, with glutinous rice flour, corn starch and other natural plants as the main raw materials, without any chemical additions, formaldehyde, VOC and other harmful substances. This coating product that subverts the industry tradition and truly "comes from nature" is bound to become a necessary product for healthy household life and the first brand of ecological coatings, Lead the new era of coatings

"interconnection + coating" will become one of the upgrading and transformation directions of the coating industry. At present, the upgrading and transformation of "Internet + coating industry" is mainly reflected in three aspects: channels, investment promotion and products

the coating industry is a traditional industry, and the main profit of many enterprises' marketing is engineering profit. Because the real estate industry is deserted this year, it is difficult for coating enterprises to carry out bidding projects

investment promotion is generally done by painting enterprises in the Guangpu market. They only do investment promotion without projects, but if the overall market is depressed, it is difficult for painting enterprises to recruit dealers

interconnection is not omnipotent, but it is absolutely indispensable for coating enterprises to develop interconnection

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