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How to play with manufacturing + smart services in the Internet era

on December 31, 2016, the year-end sharing meeting of Zhejiang enterprise informatization promotion association will be held in Hangzhou Zhejiang merchants Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel. Yuanchuan technology will be invited to participate in this meeting to discuss the opportunities and prospects for the deep integration of Zhejiang Internet and manufacturing industry with industry people

a new round of industrial revolution

in 2013, the German government proposed a high-tech strategic plan, industry 4.0, which triggered a wave of industrial revolution around the world and entered a new era. In the new round of industrial revolution and the use of hydrophobic raw materials, China data: after the end of the experiment, China made a strong voice and put forward the made in China 2025 national strategic plan. The manufacturing industry is no longer sold after manufacturing in the traditional sense, but service + remanufacture, which can respond to consumer needs more quickly and sensitively, grasp new market opportunities and achieve sustainable development

smart service and smart manufacturing

connection is the core of industry 4.0, which closely connects equipment, production lines, factories, suppliers, products and customers to form an intelligent network; Digitalization is the cornerstone of made in China 2025, including industrial data collection, big data technology in the cloud, data management, etc., which are the promotion direction of industrial digitalization in the future; Personalized, small batch and fast production will be the model of the future factory

Yuanchuan technology is based on smart service. Jinan's high-tech talents have many business fields. Through cloud service platform, big data analysis platform and artificial intelligence service technology, it helps enterprises establish connections with customers, precipitate the data base, and deeply tap customer needs, so as to provide more intelligent and personalized products and services, so as to realize smart service and intelligent manufacturing

uncover secrets: manufacturing + smart services

on December 31, at the year-end sharing meeting of Zhejiang enterprise informatization promotion association, Yuanchuan will bring cloud customer service products, Yuanchuan photoelectric induction is one of the more advanced technologies, and Xiaoyuan, an intelligent service robot, will show you how to help the manufacturing industry achieve service innovation and business transformation and upgrading through cloud services and artificial intelligence technology

how does Yuanchuan play with manufacturing + smart services in the Internet era? Let's wait and see

this meeting is hosted by Zhejiang enterprise informatization promotion association, Yuhang District People's government, etc. at that time, Zhejiang Provincial Economic and information technology departments and informatization promotion institutions, senior leaders of large enterprises, CIOs and informatization principals will gather together to share achievements, summarize experience and look forward to the future

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