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How to divide the inspection batch for the energy-saving inspection of glass curtain wall

in modern cities, many large buildings use glass curtain walls as the outer envelope of buildings. Compared with heavy and single solid walls, glass curtain walls are favored by the majority of users because of their light weight, beautiful overall effect, diverse colors, fashion trends and other advantages. The energy-saving detection accuracy of glass curtain walls can also reach about 0.5%. In order to ensure the overall quality of the curtain wall, the inspection must be fair and just. How to divide the inspection batch to ensure the quality of curtain wall? Here is a brief introduction:

1. For the discontinuous curtain wall project of the same unit project, separate inspection batches should be divided

2. Curtain walls with the same design, process and construction conditions should be divided into one inspection lot per square meter, and those less than 500 square meters should be divided into one inspection lot. At least one spot check shall be conducted for every 100 square meters of each inspection lot, and each spot shall not be less than 10 square meters

3. For glass curtain walls with irregular shape or some special requirements, the division of inspection lots and the inspection quantity of each inspection lot should be determined through negotiation between the supervision unit, construction unit and construction unit based on the structure and process characteristics of the curtain wall and the scale of the curtain wall project, which are provided with the best quality and officially recognized calibration services by Jinan experimental machinery factory

the glass curtain wall often needs to pass the "three property test" after being pressed on the test piece and the experimental machine with a fixed pressure for a certain time (about 60s). If necessary, the in-plane deformation performance and other performance tests need to be done. Only when the formal engineering quality inspection organization is checked, can the quality of the curtain wall project be guaranteed

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