Top ten canning enterprises launched for the first

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China launched the top ten canning enterprises for the first time

recently, the top ten canning enterprises in China were selected. Liangzhongkang, chairman of China canning industry association, said that the top 10 enterprises in China's canning industry, first released by China canning industry association, aims to expand the publicity of the canning industry, enhance the image of canning enterprises in the domestic market, further promote domestic demand for canning, and then promote the new development of the canning industry

the top 10 enterprises are: Shanghai Meilin Food Co., Ltd., Xiamen Cannery, Guangzhou Yingqian enterprise extended leaf spring service life Industry Group Co., Ltd., Xiamen Yinlu Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huangyan Canned Food Group Co., Ltd., Ningbo wuzhouxing Group Food Co., Ltd., Hebei ideal Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Jiufa edible fungi Co., Ltd Fujian Zishan Group Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Tunhe Investment Co., Ltd

it is reported that the canning enterprises selected as the top 10 this time have the following common characteristics: first, the comprehensive economy 2 The experimental machine is a microcomputer fully automatic control machine, and its index ranks in the forefront of the whole industry. Second, the production scale is large, and the export performance is among the best. The main products have a high share in the domestic and foreign markets. For example, the "Yinlu" Babao porridge produced by Xiamen Yinlu ranks first in the national market. Third, it has advanced technical equipment and management level, and can production has been mechanized and continuous. In recent years, the enterprise has developed rapidly and has good growth. Fourth, products with famous brands that meet market demand, such as "Meilin B2" brand lunch meat, "Gulong" brand braised meat, "Juhua" brand orange, "Tunhe" brand tomato sauce, are popular with domestic and foreign consumers

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