How to pack the hottest products safely

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How can product logistics be packaged safely?

when it comes to logistics, people are helpless. Is it true that the logistics industry is in paralysis? As far as I know, for customers who don't know much about logistics operation, some customers don't know what kind of process logistics is and what kind of operation will lead to the damage of goods. 20% of customers don't want to pay packaging fees and like to make a guarantee. They claim that there will be no problem with my packaging, which is very laborious. However, 80% of the problem lies in the logistics company. We should always remind customers of what kind of products conform to what kind of packaging, and give customers suggestions. As a logistics company, even if the profit is high, as long as the packaging does not conform, we will reject it

the scope of logistics is very wide. Except that people are excluded from logistics, everything can be operated by logistics, but there are many kinds of products. Just give a few of the most common products to talk about how to package products, such as electronics, equipment, accessories, fragile products. Packaging: wooden cases, wooden frames, woven bags, cartons, pallets

Electronics: electronic products are considered to be top-grade products in all walks of life. They are very precise products. They are packed in cartons and pallets, so as to improve the reliability of the hydraulic system and calculate the logistics cost. For logistics companies, the price of cartons is lower than that of pallets. Cartons do not exceed 46*3 in volume and weigh more than 50kg. They must be fixed on pallets to avoid scattering. Cartons can be used when the goods are light, but the quality of cartons must be better due to the deterioration of performance

equipment: they are basically wooden frame packaging. The wooden frame packaging can see what is inside. In this way, the loading and unloading union is particularly careful to handle with care. The appearance of the equipment is painted. If you wipe it off a little, it will leave scars. Moreover, the customer will also think, how can I buy a broken machine? At the first time, he won't think it was the freight company

accessories: relatively speaking, they are relatively scattered things, which are not easy to damage. Only important items without volume cannot be eaten with cartons. Only wooden cases will not be damaged no matter how they are placed, because accessories have no structure

Kehe early found the signs of accidents

fragile products: it is the most worried problem of enterprises, and it is also the most troublesome problem in transportation. Fragile products generally have more lamps, glasses and cups. However, the best packaging should be fixed in three layers, the inside must be separated by soft things, the outside layer should be made of cardboard boxes with good hardness, and the third layer should be bound with wooden frames, which must be just right, and there should be no gaps on the inside

in fact, as a shipper, how to package according to the high, medium and low grades of their products? Don't ignore the packaging because of saving the packaging fee. Can you pay the freight, but can't you afford the packaging fee? In other words, few logistics companies provide such packaging, but packaging is a crucial link. As an enterprise, we must be careful

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