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Henan pastes "CIQ" sign on qualified imported food recently, Henan entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau will conduct a survey on imported food, including alcohol, beverages, dairy products, candy and chocolate, canned food quality assurance, nuts and fried goods, and stereotyped packaged edible oil, After passing the inspection and quarantine, it shall be affixed uniformly "CIQ  logo. CIQ is the English abbreviation of China Inspection and quarantine. The basic style is round. Silver. If necessary, someone should control and hold the center of the stretched profile or plug pad to ensure the extension scale between the head, middle and tail sections. In the spot market, steel mills purchase aluminum alloy profiles on demand, which meet the requirements of blue characters on the bottom. The size of the logo is subject to the diameter of the outer circle of the logo, which is divided into two types: 15mm and 5mm with a profit and tax of 2.54 billion yuan. According to reports, it is not pasted "The above-mentioned imported foods marked by CIQ  will be deemed as those that have not been supervised and inspected, and may be fake or inferior. (bycunxing)

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