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Henan starts relocation of chemical enterprises in densely populated areas

Henan starts relocation of chemical enterprises in densely populated areas

January 11, 2018

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. There are 152 hazardous chemicals production and after-sales service enterprises in the province included in the relocation and reconstruction plan

according to the requirements of the plan, by 2025, the existing hazardous chemical enterprises in densely populated urban areas in the province that do not meet the safety and health protection distance requirements of hot-rolled steel strips of common carbon structural steel should achieve local transformation to meet the standards, move into the chemical industry led industrial agglomeration area (Chemical Industry Park) or close down and exit, and the enterprise safety or risk will be greatly reduced. Among them, small and medium-sized enterprises or large enterprises with major potential safety risks will basically be shut down in 2018, and all relocation and transformation will be started before the end of the year, and completed by the end of 2020; Other large-scale enterprises and one-way loading fatigue tests can be divided into pulsating fatigue test and fluctuating fatigue test. The relocation and transformation of super large enterprises will be started by the end of 2020 and completed by the end of 2025

according to the plan, during the relocation and reconstruction process, it is strictly prohibited for the relocation and reconstruction enterprises to build or expand hazardous chemical production projects at the original site. Relevant departments should supervise and urge the relocation and reconstruction enterprises to conduct safety and environmental impact assessment according to law, strictly implement the "three Simultaneities" system for the prevention and control of safety facilities and pollution and environmental protection facilities of construction projects, and timely organize the completion acceptance of the project, Ensure that the new projects of the relocation and reconstruction enterprises meet the safety and environmental protection requirements after they are completed and put into operation

the plan also emphasizes that relocation and transformation are encouraged to be organically combined with merger and reorganization, elimination of backward production capacity, process reengineering, industrial structure adjustment and brand building, so as to enhance the overall competitiveness of Henan chemical industry; Encourage relocation and transformation enterprises to accelerate technological innovation and achievement transformation, and use advanced and applicable technologies to transform traditional backward industries; Prohibit the use of production processes and equipment that have been eliminated by the state and the production of products that are prohibited by the state, actively promote intelligent transformation, encourage the construction of digital workshops, intelligent factories and intelligent chemical parks, and improve the safety and environmental protection level of Henan chemical production enterprises with informatization and intelligence

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