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Hebei Sanyuan products are listed in many provinces

on March 4, the annual production capacity of kostron high-performance plastic materials doubled to 400000 tons. In the afternoon, the original No. 2 dairy factory of Sanlu Group is producing Sanyuan pure milk. The picture shows Hebei version of new packaging

Hebei Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd. launched products with the origin marked as Hebei Sanyuan after bidding for Sanlu's bankruptcy property. At present, it has been listed in Hebei, Henan and other provinces

according to the person in charge of Hebei sanyuanyi, during the trial production of Beijing Sanyuan leasing Sanlu assets, the products were marked as manufactured by Beijing Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd. and the place of origin was Shijiazhuang. After the successful auction on March 4, the products produced on the 5th and 6th began to be replaced by Hebei Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd

according to Xinhua news agency, at present, there are mainly three series of liquid milk products in boxes, pillows and plastic bags with good seismic performance. On August 27, 2018, there are more than a dozen varieties. It is understood that as of February 20, Hebei Sanyuan has processed 245 tons of milk powder and 6510 tons of various liquid milk and milk drinks during the lease period

the above person in charge said that at present, the daily output of Sanyuan in Hebei is about 200 tons, which is first sold in Shijiazhuang, Baoding and other cities in Hebei, and then expanded to Henan, Shandong, Anhui and other provinces. He said that these areas used to be the main sales areas of Sanlu, and the dealers used this time are mainly the previous dealers of Sanlu

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