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Henan wants to build the fourth pole of the medical device industry on March 28, under the auspices of the Provincial Association for science and technology, scientists including academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering and relevant people in the province gathered together to discuss building a "central medical Valley" in Henan

in recent years, the growth rate of the medical device industry has been comparable to that of the IT industry, and more expectations have been placed by all regions. If Henan Province confirms to build the "central medical device industry cluster area" (i.e. central medical Valley) this year, it will attract people's attention whether it can become the "fourth pole" of domestic medical device industry development after the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Bay

yumengsun, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and an expert in aeronautical medicine and biomedical engineering, said frankly that "it is difficult", but he also said: "if there is no difficulty, we should not do it." In fact, although China's medical device industry is mainly concentrated in three regions, the overall strength of domestic medical devices is still weak, which gives opportunities to backward regions. It is understood that in the domestic market, the products of developed countries monopolize 70% of the market share, and only 30% of the domestic raw rubber samples are prepared according to the relevant provisions in gb/t15340. In addition, as a high-tech industry, the medical device industry is easy for backward enterprises and regions to make local breakthroughs by relying on scientific and technological innovation

fanyubo, Dean of Beihang College of biological and pharmaceutical engineering, said bluntly: "Henan Province has a long way to go to develop the medical device industry." However, some experts present at the meeting put forward suggestions, hoping that Henan Province and other regions in Central China will jointly promote the industry. Bu Qicheng, former director of the medical device Department of the State Drug Administration, said: "it is suggested that Henan Province and Hubei Province sit together and study. Like the other three regions, it is difficult for one province to form a joint region."

as for the development direction of Henan's medical device industry, yumengsun put forward pertinent suggestions. He said: "Henan should focus on developing health examination equipment, even family health examination equipment, and combine it with Henan's traditional culture and traditional Chinese medicine."

in 2006, chenguangyuan, the founder of China's interventional medical electronics field and the founder of China's cardiac interventional electronic physiological equipment, was invited to visit Zhangjiang "Medicine Valley" in Shanghai. The original intention of the inviting party was to invite his enterprise Henan Huanan medical electronics to "join the partnership"

however, after the investigation, Chen Guangyuan not only did not "join the partnership", but came back to register a trademark - Central Medical valley

In September, 2008, the 10th annual meeting of China Association for science and technology was held in Zhengzhou. During the annual meeting, the Henan provincial government and the China Association for science and technology signed the agreement on jointly carrying out the research on the development strategy of several high-tech industries called "3-loop control" of displacement control. According to the agreement, both parties jointly promote the development of biomass energy, biomedicine and medical devices, silicon materials and photovoltaic industry in Henan Province. Since then, the China Association for science and technology has specially set up a research group for the three industries. Among them, the "biomedicine and medical device industry research group" is headed by China Society of Biomedical Engineering, with fanyubo, chairman of the society and President of Beihang College of biological and medical engineering, as the team leader. So far, the idea of the folk "central medical Valley" and the official plastic experimental machine are a kind of equipment exhibition for the laboratory of plastic products factory and the planning of the medical device industry, gradually realizing the docking

"central medical Valley" is actually the abbreviation of "central medical device industry cluster". The goal of the cluster is to strive to form an industrial scale with an annual output value of 40billion to 50billion yuan, accounting for 20% of the national share, and become the fourth pole of China's medical device industry through 5 to 7 years of efforts. According to the statistics of China's medical device industry, at present, the industry is mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta (35.86%), the Pearl River Delta (14.44%) and the Bohai Bay area around Beijing and Tianjin (13.74%). The annual output value of the medical device industry in Henan Province is about 5billion yuan, less than 3% of the total output value of 190billion yuan. Just last month, Chongqing reached cooperation with the Ministry of science and technology, and both sides agreed to build China (Chongqing) independent innovation medical device science and technology industry base in Chongqing. After the five-year construction period, it is planned to achieve an output value of 50billion yuan and become a national first-class medical device scientific research, product development, achievement transformation and industrialization innovation base - the goal is almost the same as the "medical Valley" in Henan. From the perspective of progress, Chongqing seems to be ahead of Henan. It is still unknown who will finally achieve his wish

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