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On October 14, 2018, Haier air conditioner's strategic interaction meeting in the Middle East and Africa was held on the eve of the 124th Canton Fair. At the scene, Haier announced its overseas high-end licensing achievements, which ranked No. 1 in the top 10 in the world. With the export of its own brand, Haier air conditioning entered the harvest period of overseas high-end licensing. It is reported that in the first eight months of 2018, the export growth of the industry was 10%, and the export growth of Haier air conditioners was nearly three times that of the industry. Among them, in Nigeria, Haier introduced generator air conditioners based on local user needs, which led to an overall increase of 20% month on month in local market sales

at the communication meeting, Haier air conditioner Nigerian customers shared their cases in Nigeria and demonstrated generator air conditioners on site. He said that Haier air conditioner would double its local sales next year. Nigeria has a tropical monsoon climate, with an annual average temperature of about 27 ℃ and high humidity. Users need to use air conditioners all year round. However, the lack of power has always been a major problem restricting Nigeria's development, with an average of only 3 to 6 hours of power supply per day. The generator has become a necessary power supply equipment for every household. When users use the generator for power supply, the cooling effect of the air conditioner is poor or even cannot be started normally because of the power limit

in response to the pain points of local users, Haier innovated and launched genpal generator air conditioner, which not only solved the problem of normal use of air conditioner in case of power failure, but also solved the requirements for fast cooling and super cooling of air conditioner due to the large area of local residents' rooms. Genpal, also known as the friend of generators, is the name given by local customers in combination with the characteristics of generator air conditioner. Haier generator air conditioner has created a three gear frequency conversion technology, which is a friendly air conditioner suitable for generators of various specifications. The customer said that any generator can drive

in order to enable Nigerian users to further understand the generator air conditioner, Haier air conditioner also enables users to see through comparative demonstration experiments. Haier directly connected the warm-up air conditioner in the international market of Haier generator to the small generator, which was an 18-year-old student of Aerospace Engineering at that time, and was not limited by the generator model, The air conditioner operates normally and quickly "PLA is called PLA refrigeration in Chinese, but ordinary air conditioners can not start normally. According to the Nigerian customer, Nigerians believe in the real objects they see with their own eyes more than the words written on paper. Driven by high-end variable-frequency air conditioners such as generator air conditioners, Haier air conditioners still maintain a compound annual growth rate of 18%-20% in the local home appliance market affected by the economic downturn.

under the guidance of the rendanheyi model, Haier air conditioners In the Middle East and Africa, the dual brand operation of Haier and Ge appliance CES has met the differentiated needs of the local market and consolidated the deepening and implementation of Haier's household appliance brand globalization strategy

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