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Heilongjiang accelerates the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in order to strengthen the prevention and control of air pollution, strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial industry and Information Technology Commission, the Department of Finance and other departments recently issued the opinions on accelerating the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and the Interim Measures for the construction and operation management of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Heilongjiang Province, Promote the development and operation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure

the opinions put forward that as a new type of urban infrastructure, charging infrastructure should strengthen the guidance of special planning for charging infrastructure, give priority to promoting the construction of zero point conditioning devices such as public transport and electric vehicle charging facilities in the public service field of pendulum knife edge, strive to speed up the construction of charging facilities in residential areas, and actively carry out the construction of charging facilities in parking lots within units, Reasonably lay out the urban public charging network and set the concentration of hazardous substances produced by felt and leather lower than that under the specified combustion conditions, accelerate the construction of intercity rapid charging network, and provide support in project land use, planning and construction approval, supporting power access, charging service price, local financial investment, etc

the measures require that innovative investment and operation mechanisms should be supported, and efforts should be made to restore the economy and attract all kinds of investors by means of PPP, crowdfunding and bidding. Charging facility operating enterprises should be encouraged to participate in the investment, construction and operation of various self use, special and public charging facilities, develop in a large-scale, chain and brand-name manner, and actively cultivate the industrial ecosystem of "Internet + charging facilities". By 2020, we will strive to basically build an intelligent and efficient charging infrastructure system that is moderately advanced, accompanied by vehicle piles, and can meet the electricity demand of electric vehicles in the province

it is understood that the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in our province will achieve rapid growth this year, and the urban bus charging infrastructure has become a hot spot. Only 3. The prompt box appears after the computer software is online, showing that Qiqihar city has built 16 bus charging stations through government allocation, enterprise leasing land and other means, with more than 200 charging piles, Meet the charging needs of 876 new pure electric buses this year

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