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According to the posts posted on the forum of home decoration network, Wuhan owners are easy to have small deviations in the design when decorating their new houses, which will greatly reduce the decoration effect of their new houses. Today, Xiaobian summarized four places that are most prone to design deviations for you. Deviation 1. Incomplete consideration of decoration safety

at present, family decoration should attach great importance to three major decoration safety issues, including housing structural safety, fire prevention electrical safety and environmental safety. Professionals said that because some residents do not understand the housing structure, the phenomenon of randomly demolishing and changing walls is very serious; At present, there are many hidden problems of project quality caused by barbaric decoration. Therefore, the indoor environment committee of China Interior Decoration Association reminded consumers that the safety of home decoration should pay attention to three links: first, the management and control of construction quality and safety; Secondly, the personal safety of workers on the construction site; The third is the residential safety of consumers after decoration

deviation 2. The mix and match is too chaotic

the reporter learned that reasonable home decoration will make the home feel more comfortable, and if there are some defects and hidden dangers in decoration, it may bring mood and even health problems. There are some rules and precautions in the decoration. As long as you grasp these, you will make a beautiful and healthy home. Style positioning is the prerequisite for the success of home decoration. If it is not an area of more than 200 square meters, it is recommended that the decoration style be unified, or Chinese style, or European style, and avoid confusion caused by improper mixing and matching. Color unity is the guarantee of harmony in home decoration. Psychologists have confirmed that color has a very strong psychological implication on people, and chaotic colors are easy to cause a series of problems such as visual nerve tension, mood confusion, fear and so on. Therefore, the color selection should not only conform to the personality of yourself and your family, but also conform to the principle of color matching. It is best to choose only one color, whether it is cold or warm

deviation 3. Decoration relies too much on others' successful experience in decoration

at the beginning of decoration, citizens should be the commander-in-chief of this home decoration war, and remember not to lose their hands and trust the "turnkey projects" of some decoration companies. Experts said that conformity is the biggest enemy of home decoration, and many people are easy to imitate others when decorating. More than 90% of home decorators like to learn from their friends and neighbors' homes. They find a bright spot in decoration and want to learn from it in the whole community. Blindly following the trend will lead to decoration not in line with living habits, and will greatly reduce the mood of living. It is easy to install, but difficult to change. It's best to browse decoration design books, and finally choose the model that is most harmonious with your hobbies and personality to go home and ponder. You can also download it from the website and establish a personality database

deviation 4. Improper choice of room space

spacious rooms can make people feel "bright", while narrow rooms often give people a sense of grievance and anxiety. Modern decoration pays attention to the depth and emptiness of vision. Special attention should be paid to leaving a space zone similar to the fast track of the road. Even if only a one meter straight line is left, there is no furniture barrier in the middle. For example, the master bedroom faces south, the kitchen faces north, and the middle passes through the living room and dining room. The furniture can be adjusted skillfully, looking from the south window of the master bedroom to the North window of the bedroom. The sense of depth and emptiness also puts forward strict requirements for the placement of roofs, corners, walls, furniture and surface ornaments. We must be free when we have time, rather lacking than excessive

avoid luxury and display psychology. Furniture is too spacious and luxurious, which is "wrong for the door" with the housing area and the identity of the owner, and it seems to be too weak to be funny. Or put all the crafts and photos out and hang them, as if they were in a store. The psychology of "new three years, old three years, sewing and mending for three years" will also lead to the narrow and chaotic space. All the old furniture and furnishings are not willing to throw away, and they are not welcome to fight with the overall style in the "new house"

the above four design deviations are usually encountered by Wuhan owners in the decoration of new houses. I hope they can be used as a reference for Wuhan owners who need decoration in the future. Owners should grasp the design ideas when designing the decoration of new houses




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