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In 2017, Fuzhou home decoration market will undoubtedly be more exciting than in previous years, and the competition among major home decoration companies will also be more intense. Not long after the holiday, Fuzhou home decoration industry leader &mdash& mdash; Home decoration launched “ Experience before payment ” This new measure also indicates that the first competitive competition of Fuzhou home decoration market in the spring of 2017 has officially started, which also means that Fuzhou decoration market has entered the era of experience

experience is king, pay after satisfaction

consumers take the initiative

some people say that this is a “ Experience is king ” In this era, it is not unreasonable. Nowadays, there are thousands of decoration companies in Fuzhou. And the real strength of the decoration company must let consumers get the most practical low price and the most satisfactory service quality. Let consumers have no burden, enjoy the high-quality service experience of the decoration process, pay when they are satisfied with the decoration result, and give the option to consumers, so that the decoration process becomes a wonderful journey of experience. Maybe this is the launch of home decoration “ Experience before payment ” The mystery of mode

as soon as this move was launched, Fuzhou owners flocked to Fuzhou, welcoming more than 300 owners in just two days. It is reported that home decoration launched “ Experience before payment ” The activity is different from the previous “ Decoration before payment ” There is a big difference, in which the decoration fee = design fee + management fee + engineering fee (labor cost and material cost). Youjia decoration dares to take the lead in the industry and creatively launch “ Experience before payment ” Initiatives. During the activity, the construction can be started only by paying the design fee + management fee until the embedding of concealed water and electricity works is completed, and the project payment can be paid after the acceptance of the embedding of water and electricity. It is estimated that the mainstream house type will spend 10000 yuan to do something about 50000 first, and then there will be no worries after decoration, opening the era of protective home decoration experience

experience first, more protection

consumers can reduce decoration risks

“ Experience before payment ” It means that consumers have more initiative and monitoring power in decoration. Some insiders believe that this measure has solved various pain points of owners, and on the one hand, it can eliminate consumers' interest in decoration companies “ Pat your ass and leave ” Concerns. On the other hand, consumers can not only reduce decoration risks, but also help constrain decoration companies, so that designers and workers can be more serious, more attention, more responsible in decoration, improve service quality, and protect the interests of consumers

it is worth mentioning that there is home decoration “ Experience before payment ”, After the concealed water and electricity works in the decoration are embedded, the owner can only pay the project funds after passing the acceptance. This way also protects the interests of consumers. Ms. Xia, Secretary General of Fuzhou Building Decoration Association, said that home decoration is a consumption used for a long time, and the concealed works are often the most problematic works in decoration and the most troublesome works in maintenance. In order to let customers no longer have worries, home decoration makes customers experience the difficulties in decoration and the pain points that customers pay attention to in the way of experience before payment, which is a key step for the healthy development of Fuzhou home decoration market, It is reasonable that it is welcomed by the owners




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