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Zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door brand has been growing over the past 20 years, working hard to improve the enterprise's " Soft power "e;, Sail against the current, rise low-key, and quickly enter the era of "tall and high" wooden door brand

with the fluctuation and weakness of the real estate market, the competition within the wooden door industry is more intense. In order to survive the "cold winter" and effectively occupy the market, some wooden door enterprises are shopping one after another " Price war "e;, "Promotion war", as everyone knows, this will kill the goose that lays the golden egg and put its own brand in trouble. Zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door brand has been growing over the past 20 years, working hard to improve the enterprise's " Soft power "e;, Sail against the current, rise low-key, and quickly enter the era of "tall and high" wooden door brand

terminal stores allow customers to experience more

with the change of wooden door consumption mode, traditional products and services can no longer meet the changing needs of consumers. More and more enterprises are abandoning traditional marketing methods and paying more attention to creating experiential sales methods. Among them, Si space environment, that is, terminal store design, as the most intuitive carrier of consumer experience brand, can usually leave the most comprehensive brand impression, and is one of the most important experience media. Zhanzhi Tianhua advocates the "IKEA" experience home showroom store. Due to the rich and warm atmosphere of exhibits and the simulation of the real scene of finished home, it is increasingly favored by consumers and industry brands

brand and service oriented

with the improvement of living needs, consumers have put forward higher requirements for product design, quality, technology, environmental protection and other aspects. Zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door is brand and service-oriented and adheres to " People oriented, scientific and technological innovation " In terms of design, R & D, production, sales, logistics, customer service and other aspects, it is equipped with a skilled operation team, implements standardized service processes, and pioneers the "Amethyst" level service system. Relying on the high-speed and fast logistics team, our products cover more than 500 key cities across the country, and have provided home solutions for more than 6 million families in total

improve the sales model and shape the marketing Iron Army

looking at the general trend of industry development, talents are the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of wooden door enterprises. After 20 years of steady development, zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door has built a nest and attracted a number of invincible marketing iron forces that are good at fighting. Zhanzhi Tianhua wooden door has more than 600 franchised stores all over the country, including costumed opening, strong promotion, cross-border group buying, and beach grabbing terminals, constantly improving the sales model and strengthening the combat team. On weekends and holidays, the marketing center of Tianhua wood industry group carries out one after another large-scale promotional activities with national linkage and unified theme in home furnishing markets and wooden door franchise terminal stores across the country, creating one beautiful and bright landscape after another

comprehensive brand promotion system

zhanzhi Tianhua will comb and improve the brand every year. In 2014, it spent millions on regional large-scale television, outdoor, bus, subway and other media, and invited senior film and television companies to shoot and produce new versions of enterprise feature films, product promotional films, brand advertising films. At present, it has been produced and is about to be produced in professional media, online mainstream media, instant messaging media Regional TV media, promotional exhibitions, terminal stores and other occasions for carpet publishing and broadcasting to convey product information and brand culture; At the same time, the network marketing department of the marketing center of Tianhua wood industry group has also jointly launched various online and offline promotional interactive activities with a number of online mainstream media, so that more consumers, netizens and fans can understand zhanzhi Tianhua, love zhanzhi Tianhua, and choose zhanzhi Tianhua

provide all-round training services

talents are the foundation of enterprise survival and the basis for brands to win the market. For a long time, zhanzhi Tianhua professional training institution Tianhua Management College has provided all-round training services to franchised dealers. With the purpose of improving the terminal store management ability, terminal network marketing ability, and employees' comprehensive guidance and service ability, we adopt the methods of headquarters centralized training, regional market walking training, and subject closed training, take practical practical and practical subjects as the teaching direction, and focus on the enterprise culture, product knowledge, marketing skills, home decoration design knowledge, order processing, installation skills, etc, Focus on improving the vocational skills of basic posts in terminal store operation, assist them to master industry information, expand professional fields, and improve the professional quality and industry competitiveness of terminal teams

visualization of information communication platform

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, the application of information visualization platform in wooden door enterprises is more and more. When customers want to inquire about the production progress of their order, they can immediately transfer from the visual information system to the production workshop for viewing. Customers want to view the plates or hardware used in production. The visual information system will display the source channel, quality monitoring, order usage, etc. of the materials used in the order. Tianhua wood industry group has fully introduced the international advanced ERP software management system: it can enable the merchandisers and customers to clearly query the progress of orders and clearly display the complete production information. Zhanzhi Tianhua knows that only if the product information is complete and accurate, all links of sales, design, production, installation and after-sales will be more standardized and rigorous, and the production quality will be more high-quality

soft power is the driving force for the future development of the enterprise. In the future, zhanzhi Tianhua will still regard soft power as the core soul of the enterprise, adhere to accumulation for a long time, and obtain a steady stream of brand vitality, casting the soul of Tianhua wood industry group




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