See how decorators use waste

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All kinds of paintings of different sizes are placed above the side cabinet of a space, and stacked in a staggered manner, which is very consistent with the decorative effect of the whole room, and also makes the small corner become wonderful

through the inclined wall cabinet, the wall can be decorated with a dynamic feeling, and during which you can configure your favorite decorations, which not only enriches the visual language of the wall, but also presents a delicate and light home effect

the shelving on the bathroom cabinet has created such an interesting animal paradise. The lovely clay products are placed here as a space ornament. At the same time, it also solves the storage problem of them

choose several silver utensils, such as retro mirrors, dinner plates, cups, etc., and paste your favorite photos inside. The combination of the two produces a unique decorative effect in the collision, matching with a classic, gorgeous or alternative feeling





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